Thanks for letting your bratty spawn sneeze on me

So I was working as a cashier (I’m actually a PIC, but we were shorthanded on Saturday) and this stupid woman’s stupid snot nosed kid sneezes in my face. She didn’t even apologize for her darling son.

Now I’m afraid my eyes are going to explode and can’t stop coughing or sneezing.

So, thanks!

Oh man, that sucks. Sorry it had to happen to you and that people are such snots.

Sorry. Sick people suck.

What’s a PIC?

You shouldnt have commented on her groceries.

Person In Charge

Someone who acts as a manager when he’s not there, only without getting anywhere near the pay that a manager gets. You also get yelled at quite a bit more.

Jeez Louise, I bet your immune system can take it!! It’s a good work out, in any event, for your immune system, for when something catastrophic comes along.

You should thank them.

And the award for “Missed the Point by the Widest Margin” goes to…

He DID thank them, ya idjit. Didn’t you read the thread title?

That wasn’t a sincere thanx, idjit.

I’m convinced that children under five are a bigger disease vector than rats. Wipe 'em all out, I say.

P.S. I’m not entirely serious.

Okay, seriously, lady, you really need an ice cream cone.

To the forehead.



Like when Muslims move into the neighborhood?

Somebody needs a juice box and a nap.

You let a young child get that close to your face? How did that happen? (I work in insurance and I’m trying to assess your contributory negligence. heh)

So January was rape month, and looks so far like February is bratty kid month.

What’s with this whole tipping thing, anyway (trying to get a headstart on March here)?

If I vomited on you, would you give me a standing ovation?

I am reminded of the time I was rounding in the hospital with the Infectious Diseases team, and a mother and approximately 5-year-old child boarded our elevator. He was snuffling, sneezing and spraying infectious effluvium all over the car. After they exited, the wise old attending physician looked meaningfully at us and said “A vector.”

I must have gotten three separate whopping colds during my time on the Pediatrics service. Little germ factories, they are.

I keep telling you people, February is Bad-Tempered Bitching Month. It’s all good, yo.