Thanks for nothing, sheet heads -- Augusta National

It’s all over except selecting which half billionairess gets to be the first member. Note: women already play golf at Augusta, it’s a membership thing.

Prediction: Hootie will cave within a few weeks to make the KKK go away.

Will this really be a significant triumph for women?

Sure, one already rich woman will now be able to get a locker at Augusta, instead of having to bring a change of clothes with her…

snicker snort


“Hey, Hootie, who’s your buddy in the sheet?!”

I have zero sympathy for Augusta, since Hootie is the one who turned this whole thing into a public pissing contest. Some women’s group sent the club a letter, and Hootie called the press to hear his assinine response.

Reap what you sow, Hootster.

Nah, I don’t think so. I still predict the Master’s goes off as planned, then sometime in the summer, there’ll be a page 3 article in the Sports section about the first woman member admitted to Augusta. End of BS. Burk doesn’t get her glory and Hootie sticks to his guns.

Doesn’t the KKK realize that everyone hates them, and if they protested the other way they could get what they wanted with less trouble?

The KKK can’t muster that big a group. Hootie is pretty stubburn, I don’t thing this will change what he does.

The Masters is too big to let something like this stop it.

Oh, c’mon, the minute the KKK protesters hit CNN with their pro-Augusta signs: Augusta Extends Invitation to Oprah (or whoever)

This is not going to be pretty. The majority of people, and as importantly the majority of pundits, already support Martha. As much as I find Martha Burk to be a rebel without a clue, Hootie is pig-headed and has mishandled this from the beginning.

Did anyone else find it amusing that the only member in the KKK group appeared to be himself? (according to the article cited above).


If you’re not a golfer you may not realize that the Masters and the US open are, by far, THE BIGGEST golf tournaments in the US. The KKKers will make great CNN coverage, yes, but that’s not going to stop things.

KKK and the women’s group migt be in cahoots, who knows?

Not really. The KKK can function as the kiss of death well enough on their own.

I don’t care how many badges or patches you hang on them, men in long dresses is just plain silly.

What kind of woman with any self respect and a few 100 mil would allow herself to be the token Agusta chick anyway? My guess is if they ever allow a woman member, it’ll be one of the existing members wives.