Thanks for the tip!

For the preview:In which we give thanks to someone or someones who gave us a tip that worked (not a money tip)
Someone, I think it was Mangetout, gave me the following tip for removing albatross-crap from car bodywork: Leave a rag soaked in hot water on the crap. Return some time later. Remove crap.
About five weeks ago I left my car in the only available non-ideal parking space near my house. It is right under some trees.

About one week ago I came to use the car - Battery dead. DOH!.

Yesterday I finially got the battery charged (having taken it out. It was too far gone to jump-start). Having got that task out of the way I could at last drive the car to the car-wash.

It gave the car a good wash, except for the albatross poo.

I brought the car back… Filled a bucket with hot water, and took a roll of kitchen tissue out with me.

I made little squares by folding the tissue, submerge them in the water, then place them on each poo.

Came back about 45mins later and easily removed all the poos.
This was a tip given to me for my previous car, in a thread here on the SDMB, by, I think, Mangetout. Thankyou Mangetout, and if it wasn’t you, thankyou to whoever it was.
You would be hard pushed to remove Albatross poo with a screwdriver, but leaving a wet rag or tissue on it allows water to soak into it - softening it. Works like a treat.

Now your, the reader, 's turn to thank someone for something.

“Keep your eye on the ball.”

It really works!


There was someone here who helped me figure out how to put together the deadbolt for my door so that I would be able to properly lock my apartment. I don’t remember who that was but thanks!