Stop crapping on my car!

I now have a shared parking spot here at work (shared with one other person and alternate weeks). It’s the only spot in our lot that’s under a tree, and I’ve only had it since winter.

I bought a new car 2 weekends ago. This is my week to have the parking spot, and guess what? Spring has brought out the birds. They are covering my new car with crap every day!

Guess I’ll have to invest in a wash bucket, sponge and soap when I get home.

I’m glad to find out it’s only birds.

Makes me wonder whose car I’ve been crapping on.

Sorry. :frowning:

You need a bumper sticker with this curse from some graffiti found in Pompeii:

ETA: I suspect that whoever it was that was defecating there most likely died in the eruption of Vesuvius. So the curse must have worked, though I didn’t think volcanoes were Jupiter’s standard MO…

As I clicked to open the thread I realized where I was and thought “please let it be birds. PLEASE!”

My car isn’t even new and it would bug me.

Just be happy they’re not Foo birds.

My husband invested in a canopy. Maybe you could get the other person to go halves with you. The canopy only lasted for about a year, but it was worth it. One of the features of our new house is a carport.

You need to get the poo off the paintwork NOW, don’t wait till you get home. The acid in it starts eating into modern car paint in about 20 minutes, if you leave it on for any length of time you will never get rid of the bloom, it’ll always be visible at some angle in the sunlight, especially on a brand new car.

Washing it now isn’t really an option, besides, it’s been there all day.

I’m sure it will, ahem, “buff out”.

your car looks better with a hood ornament.

Well, if the Foo shits…

Buy a plastic owl and put it in the tree.

If any OP should have ever ended with an “and shit” that was it.

And shit.

Only the important people get assigned parking spaces.
Intercompany post for a lesser position, one where you’ll have to park in a different space every time. Since there no trees in the far end of the lot, no birds to sit over your car. Problem solved! :rolleyes:

Cite? Since when is bird poo acidic? You don’t even know what kind of bird. :dubious:

Well, it all washed off at the car wash. It was interesting that the spots on the paint came right off, but any spots on glass took some after wash scrubbing with a credit card edge.

Anyway, new car still looks new.

If you live near the seacoast, it can get bad. Seagulls routinely pick up clams and mussels, fly up a few hundred feet, and drop them-they then descend to feast on the now-mangled shellfish. If you don’t wash clam guts off your car right away, it will bond with the paint!
But pine sap is the worst-it dissolves car paint

Well while we are at it do not us dish soap(Dawn etc.) it will take off the wax

Then stop parking your shiny people capsule in my territory!