Bird shit-mobile

I got up this morning and went out to my car to find the hood littered with about a dozen bird shits. No other cars in the area seemed to be so lucky. I wasn’t parked under a bird roost of any type, they just seemed to pick my car out for their shit stop today. Is this a good omen? :dubious:

The great Phoenix has risen and given your car new life. Ummm…rejoice and practice your car washing skills.

You know…to save your paint job.

Sorry about the crap. Somehow, it’s kind of funny though.

When I was going home yesterday, I saw a bird *playing * on someone’s car. Really. Flapping it’s wings, hopping all over the car, peering inquisitively inside.

I guess I know whose car it was now!

I live in Texas. I have two trees out on the devil’s strip (yes, I’m originally from Ohio. For those not in the know, that’s the part of the lawn between the sidewalk and the street).

Anyway, I have two trees there, a tallow tree and an oak. I’ve made a scientifical study, and found that when parked under the oak, my car is apt to become a veritable guano mine. But under the tallow tree, it hardly gets bombed at all. The tallow tree is considered a trash tree, and apparently the birds agree. It’s just about the only tree here that turns a nice color in the fall, though.

And here I thought this was going to be a thread on automobiles powered by bird feces.

It may just have been one bird with extremely loose bowels. You know, ate a grub that didn’t agree with it. :dubious: