Thanks to Charlotte's Web I am a little less arachnophobic.

Not that I was particularly arachnophobic before I watched this film.

My excuse for watching a kids film is that I’d read the book as a kid.

At the risk of spoiling the film for anyone I’ll include a huge spacer…

A particular example of my newfound spidery relaxedness was the other day: I saw a bit of fluff under a shelf. Thinking it was only a bit of fluff I pulled it out. Out rushed about 30 or 40 tiny tiny little spiders. They all spread themselves out over the web that turned out to be surrounding the ‘fluff’. I think I would have shuddered at this sight had I not seen Charlotte’s Web. But All I thought was… ‘all the little kids are free and exploring their new world’

Marvelous creatures, spiders are.

Here’s an article to test your newfound bravery: Huge web discovered in Texas

Oh God, I told myself not to click on the link. But did I listen? Noooooo. How am I supposed to go to sleep tonight? Urk!

From the article:

“Help Meeeee!”