Thanks to different people on the SDMB for recommending stuff

I can’t remember who recommended this stuff back then, so I thought I would just do an MPSIMS thread about it.

Thanks to the guy who recommended:
Bill Maher - True Story.
Real people who live a radically different life from me. Filled with jokes, girls and cynicism.

Thanks to the guy who recommended:
Matt Ridley - The Red Queen
An evolutionary look at the real and meaningful differences between the sexes

Thanks to the guy who recommended:
R. Kelly - Trapped in the Closet, with commentary
Most likely the world’s best example of sincere adulation for something that is crap.

Bacon salt.

More recently, the books Freaks Amour and The Tenants of Moonbloom, both excellent. I’ve talked 'em up in a book group and have passed the books on to others.

Thanks to whomever it was who recommended the Onya bags–I got two plus the one for produce and love, love, love them. I’ll be getting some to give as Christmas gifts.

Also thanks to whomever recommended Younger Next Year by Chris Crowley and Harry Lodge. I especially like it that this book doesn’t recommend wild out-there sort of exercise or nutritional advice.

Czarcasm for recommending Watchmen, and also to the Dopers who posted about it. I read several of those threads but never participated. It’s a great story.

I read this having read the threads about it here recently. I am so glad that I did. I also thought that the discussion thread increased my enjoyment of it. I’ve always been a fan of comics but mainly on a ‘what falls into my lap’ basis so getting background on the history and culture of comics helped me appreciate the work better.

Likewise. The only post I regret reading is the one that spoiled the ending. Somehow I’d gone through two or three older Watchmen threads without noticing or recalling what the ending was. It’s kickass regardless.

I would never have been introduced to Ray Bradbury if not for the Dope (someone mentioned the plot of a short story of his and I was intrigued).

Also, The Comics Curmudgeon and xkcd.

Thanks to whoever recommended Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea in that non-fiction thread. What a great read!

Thanks to the Doper(s) who recommended Flashman by George McDonald Fraser ( or George Fraser Macdonald.) and the Lindsey Davis historical series Falco.

Both series are excellent!

Thanks for all the zombie survival talk! I’m hooked!