What's your favorite "Ask the _____" SDMB thread?


If you’re anything like me, you get vaguely titillated when you see an “Ask the ______” (fill in the blank) thread on the ol’ SDMB. I always find them candid, useful, and incredibly informative. I want to open a discussion as to what our favorites are, ostensibly just to gather these up for future reading.

Two that spring to mind for me are:

- Ask the Professional “Psychic”


How about yours?

I liked the Ask the guy who paid for a hooker (I know the title isn’t right, but I’m just guessing.) I also liked the Ask the Stripper thread.

Obligatory “Best of anthology” link for everyone.

And my choices?

Way too many to narrow it down. In general the “ask the…” threads are some of my favorite reads here regardless of the subject.

So for my vote I’ll just say how much I’ve enjoyed some of the more personal and silly ones. I’ve told him in person that I thought **Winston Smith’s ** “Ask Winston’s Co-Workers” was hilarious.

Also, I enjoyed **elfbabe’s ** "Ask Qadgop’s Kid!" very much.

A little light hearted, but enjoyable selection.

Ask the Stripper, although it didn’t end well.

Ask the 50’s Dad & Ask the 50’s Mom.

Were we ever that innocent? And ignorant?

Well…that was helpful. Thanks to you and Idle Thoughts here. This will be a true boon to today’s productivity.

Ask the Muslim Guy-- I believe there may have been more than one. The one I’m talking about was started soon after 9/11 and went for-- oh, I dunno-- a gazillion pages. I’m sorry the guy who started it never joined. He was patient and unflappable in the face of some fairly hostile people.

This one was pretty good:

Ask the guy who’s rereading all of Heinlein

But damn was that an impressive compilation. Idle Thoughts is a Hero of the Straight Dope.