Thanks Tubadiva - Just a test post


Ok…who did you used to be???

I think that’s k2dave.

I’ll get back to work now, boss…

You know, I hope I’m not out of line by posting that… I was just curious myself. I’ve lurked here for so long; it always piques my interest when I see a name change to know who it used to be.

Yeah, well, there’s one way to find out. The forum list doesn’t get updated when name changes go through, so if you find an OP with the new name, the forum list will show the OP as the old name.

It’s nice to know I’m remembered (or at least known ;))

Checking through a recent GQ thread I participated in, I came across an unfamiliar name. I was sure it wasn’t there before. That led me here. Wilson’s correct.

I found it through the Driving down Main St at 0.9c thread, where kanicbird appears now as the OP. k2dave is mentioned later in the thread in the context of being the OP.
As Achernar states, the thread does still show as k2dave being the original poster.