Thanks, Tuckerfan.

As a long-time lurker and occasional drive-by poster, I have noticed that Tuckerfan starts quite a few threads which generally get very few replies and thus sinkout of sight fairly quickly. Usually, these threads concern the latest news in spaceflight or automotive design or another technical field.

Well, I want say Thank you, very much! These are just the sort of thing that interest me, but seldom take the time to research. It was here I learned of the winner of the manned space challenge a few days before the news picked up on it. Today we have news of an "1800 mpg hydrogen “car”.
I just want to say, keep 'em coming! We engineering-type geeks appreciate it.

Also, the continuing mis-adventures of Pete Puma are freaking hilarious! (Unless you have to work with him, I guess.)

You’re welcome. Glad to know that many of my threads which sink like a stone are noticed.

Yeah, I read 'em when I come across them, too. I don’t usually respond, because, uh, I’m not that bright and usually have nothing to add. :wink:

Keep 'em coming, though.

I too appreciate them. They’re pretty much the kind of threads I would start if I did that sort of thing and since you already do them… well. :>

What they said. :cool: