That list of 50 influential TV shows-where?

I have heard a list of the 50 most influential shows on television was released. I cannot find a news story or anything about it on the Internet. All I know is Seinfeld is #1, followed by I Love Lucy.

Anyone know where I can find this list on the Web? Who compiled it?

This is the one I’ve recently seen. Although, it is a Top 100 list and “I Love Lucy” is #1 and “Seinfeld” is #19. I’m not sure if it’s the one you want, but it’s interesting nonetheless!

There was another list, from Time magazine IIRC, that listed The Simpsons as The. Best. Show. Ever.

I saw Matt Roush from TV Guide talking about that list on “Good Morning America Today,” so I assume the list will be coming out in the next issue of TV Guide.

Their top 5 list was…

  1. The Sopranos
  2. All in the Family
  3. The Honeymooners
  4. I Love Lucy
  5. Seinfeld

Take it with a pound of salt.

Ah, TV Guide. That’s what I figured.

I know Entertainment Weekly had a “Best Shows Ever” list at one point that had Seinfeld at #1, too. :rolleyes: The Simpsons was #10, Hill Street Blues and Lucy were up there, natch, but they inexplicably had The X-Files ranked higher than The Twilight Zone. This was at the former show’s peak of popularity, so maybe 4-5 years ago (pre-Sopranos)

Here’s a link to the TV Guide list.