"That little Corn Pop was me." Saturday Night Live Season Premier

Just about every sketch got a laugh out of me. I loved Maya Rudolph as Kamala and I hope she comes back. And the Inside the Beltway sketch is a testament to what makes a live show hilarious. It’s amazing that they were doing all of those wardrobe changes so quickly. If the stagehand hadn’t shown up, most people would not have even known they were changing in real-time.

Yeah I thought it was a really strong episode! I thought Woody Harrelson could be hit or miss but he did great, and I enjoyed the musical guest Billie Eilish.

Maya Rudolph brings 110% to every character she plays and she was really spot-on as Harris. Harrelson was great as Biden, too.

The low point was probably the “Dad” sketch/film. Kyle Mooney creeps me out that he plays a teenager 90% of the time.

Apparently Kamala liked it, too.

Harrelson did a nice job on the Joe Biden impression, “I’m like plastic straws. I’ve been around forever, I’ve always worked, and now you’re mad at me? Drink up, America!”

My favorite line was how Elizabeth Warren has “mother of five boys who all play different sports” energy.

I can’t remember ever seeing one where everyone broke so badly while it happened (rather than everyone talking about it before I get a chance to watch it). But I thought it was charming. I think they all must have had some of Uncle Woody’s special treats because they broke again during the apple sketch. I enjoyed that sketch a lot too because apple picking is something that sounds a lot more fun and affordable than it ends up being. The last time I went it was like 90 in October in New England and I thought I was gonna die.

I thought Harrelson brought the funny pretty consistently, loved the apple-picking sketch, and the musical guest was rather captivating, but I’m just about as tired of Alec Baldwin’s Trump as I am the real article, and Weekend Update (which has always been my favorite part of the show) seemed oddly truncated.

Didn’t much care for most of the political bits, except for the “Inside the Beltway” sketch (and not just because of the hilarious cockup in that one). Regarding SNL’s political content in general, I’ve long felt that the show too frequently tends to pull its punches…well, the reviewer for the AV Club says it better than I could:

Nah, Dennis Perkins should have been moved off the SNL review beat years ago. He hates all the political comedy on the show and like Kyle Mooney’s film pieces – pretty much exactly the opposite of why everybody else in America still tunes in. He wants SNL to be a completely different show than it is. You can predict everything he’s going to say before opening the page.

I couldn’t figure out what they were laughing about. I figured the flashback bits were taped, the same as the Downton Abbey bit.

I agree - solid show. I especially liked Larry David as Bernie! And the apple skit - “Pay $45 for $10 worth of apples!”

That “Dad” rap number was about the only one that was completely lost on me. And the “musical” guest… :rolleyes:

That was the kind of retro bit that Mooney usually does with Beck Bennett. There didn’t seem to be much Bennett in the show.


Yes, the Trump cold-open was by-the-numbers, as it has been for too long now.

Garrett Martin of Paste is pretty savage toward the political comedy, at least the Alec-Baldwin-as-Trump stuff.

IMHO the show’s biggest problem is that it doesn’t have any writers who really know what to do with Trump and his shitshow, but they feel obligated to do something anyway.

Baldwin started doing Trump during the 2016 Campaign and I can guarantee he did not intend on that being a long term gig!

Frankly, Trump didn’t intend on this being a long-term gig.

I thought the musical guest with the rotating room was a blast.

We muted Billie Eilish’s 2nd song after awhile. An emo 17 year old crooning a boring ballad about loooove became rapidly tedious.

I liked watching this too. The first move to the wall was a surprise but then I started watching for it and it was pretty impressive though the last move from the wall to the floor was not as smooth. I thought her voice was a little too quiet compared to the music as well but I did like the song.
I did enjoy the ep but I also think the biggest problem with SNL is the political bits are mostly toothless, which has been mentioned above. It’s worsened by the fact that a good portion of the country is in favor of a president who is basically a walking SNL sketch himself.

Yeah, but he could stop any time he wants to, you know?

His Trump schtick is long past its sell-by date.

I thought Eilish was great. At one point though I clearly heard someone say “Turn up her microphone” from off stage, and it came through louder than the singer’s voice. So that’s a technical problem.

Whoever came up with the "Mickey Duck thing " sketch must really hate Woody Harrelson. I can’t believe nobody else has mentioned it. That was just painful to watch. :smack:

It really isn’t. Sure, if it was some random character like Head Wound Harry, enough is enough. But they can’t drop frigging Trump, the first pure cartoon President in history. At best, they could get someone else to do it but I don’t think most viewers would like that.

Do you all know that Eilish was doing something similar to what Fred Astaire did in a movie?:

In a way, this is similar to what Joseph Gordon-Levitt did on Saturday Night Live in 2009, when he did a version of the Donald O’Connor number “Make 'em Laugh” from Singing in the Rain.

The moment she put her foot on the wall, I turned to my wife and said, “Hey, she’s doing that Fred Astaire-Lionel Richie thing.”

Interesting that you mention Joseph Gordon-Levitt, though, seeing as he *also *did a variation of that scene in Inception.

I saw a comment on you tube of someone condescendingly explaining how the shot worked and I thought: yeah, no one is really puzzled by it, but it’s still unexpected and interesting. I was going to add a sarcastic comment explaining how a strobe light worked. But it’s still cool to see.