That little touch that means so much

Inspired by a GQ about toilet stalls.

I never realised that I had been annoyed about this all my life until I came across an instance of intelligent design.

In a building I was visiting in an offical capacity I had recourse to head to the little boys room. Now I’ve seen nice restroom and I’ve seen despetate restrooms , this one was standard enough. It did have a couch though (Dont ask me …I have no idea)

The little touch was to be found on the back of the stall door. Usually you can count yourself lucky to find a coat peg at all but I found the mother of all coat pegs.

It was moulded palstic …moulded in the shape you expect an expensive clothes hanger to be. It was as if someone had taken a hanger and bent the metal hook 90 degrees and stuck it in the door.

I appreciated it so much becauseI was there to train some VIP’s and wanted to make a lasting good impression. Nothing quite like a crease free jacket to do that with.

The only problem with it is the fact that I can feel comfortable anywhere else now and have to visit their building every time nature calls.

But its thoose little things that make me happy (call me anal)

Things like the hose attached to wall in finnish Bathrooms.

Shower Stalls that are flush with a tiled floor as opposed to having a lip/step.

You know just smart design. I’m sure if I ever leave this bathroom with it’s built in ethernet adaptors at each throne I might find such innovative design features in the real world.

Or I might just stay here and ask you folks what your “Dude ! Excellent Design” award goes to so I dont have to leave.

I once had the privilege of using a washroom in a mall in Calgary. As I sat down for #2, I looked up and saw a camera on the ceiling looking right at me.


I went about my business anyway. What do I care? You want to watch me take a dump, be my guest. Whatever turns your crank.

A friend later told me it was there to deter gays who had found another use for the stalls.

I believe in many states and places, cameras in the bathroom are illegal.

That oh-so-E-Z-open swing-down door on those Power Macintosh towers. Beats the living snot out of anything on the Windows/Intel side of the fence.