That must have been cool

I just got back from the Iron Maiden consert at Valle Hovin. It was an outdoot concert, and being where we are, it didn’t start to get dark until…well, just now, I guess.

Well, there is currently quite a lot of construction going on in the general area outside the stadium itself, as evidenced by various half-built shelsl of buildings rising above us.

Bruce is being his usuall lively self from the stage between songs, rambling about whatever goes through his mind (usually pretty funny stuff). Suddenly he looks up, and says: “You know…the very best job in Oslo…must be the man driving that construction crane.”

And 30.000 people turn, and look up at the two guys sitting in this gigantic construction crane looming above the concert.

And all 30.000 start cheering and waving.

Must have been pretty cool from up there.

What? No one has any cool stories to share?