That song you love - you put it on and everyone goes WTF!!!!

Janine by Soul Coughing. Fuck 'em.

98.6 by Keith; especially when I start snapping my fingers and doing the Snoopy dance to it.

Wow. Never heard of it. Pretty snappy though. Was it a hit?

Yeah; back in '67 or so…I don’t know why, it just tickles me.

I get this response with nearly anything but Mike Doughty, unfortunately. I love the way he sings, I love the lyrics, and his shows are some of the most fun I’ve ever had in my life, and he’s clever, and he loves robots. But play the music for people, and you get a whole bunch of “ugh, what is this? Dude sounds like he’s throwing up when he’s singing!”

Given that I’m very much into prog, pretty much every song I love falls into this category with most people :smiley:

I haven’t put it on for anyone else yet, but I’m currently enjoying this one.

A friend of mine used to love calling in song requests to the local radio station, even when there wasn’t anything in particular he wanted to hear, because he liked to hear his name on the radio. So I suggested Suzanne Vega’s Tom’s Diner because I had somewhere acquired a tape of it and I really liked the song.

It wasn’t until it went over the air that I realized the tape I had was a remix where the DJ had added a strong beat and horn sting – the original is just Vega talk/singing by herself. (I kinda like that version too, but it’s nothing you’d hear on a radio station.) When the DJ of the station got back on she was flabbergasted and made fun of my friend’s taste.


That should obviously say ‘by Mike Doughty’.

Anything by Rasputina. Here’s Led Zeppelin’s Rock and Roll, and here’s Wish You Were Here.

George M. Cohan
About anything classical.

I don’t know if they’re my new favorite or anything, but I thought those two songs were quite interesting, especially “Wish You Were Here” (which is one of my favorite songs).

Dolly parton’s Jolene. It tingles my senses… But wife thinks i only pretend to like it to annoy her.

Just one song? Impossible to choose.

If I were forced to pick one, though, it would be Lol Coxhill’s cover version of I Am the Walrus.

That’s weird. Electric Funeral by Black Sabbath is such a big hit at the parties I go to.

Strange. I can’t imagine any song leading people to exclaim “Win The Future”. You should let President Obama know about it.

If you play Meryn Cadell’s “The Sweater” for your friends, don’t play the video. Go audio-only. The video’s vintage-Sears-catalog motif and Ms. Cadell’s odd look distract from the words.

Erasure’s cover of Abba’s “Take a Chance on Me”…which there is no logical reason that I like it so much, but everyone gives me a ton of crap about it.

Heh! I love the video, too…it takes the WTF to new levels. Andy and Vince as Benny and Bjorn AND Andy and Vince as Frida and Agnetha. Absolutely delightful.

The video for that song is like a four minute long definition of the concept of “camp”.

Holy crap…

Apparantly I never really listened to the lyrics, 'cause I always thought that song was about a radio station! :smack:

Here’s mine: A cover of Gordon Lightfoot’s ‘Sundown’…it’s kinda rappy,and stupid…and I love it. I also love the original, which I grew up on, but this just…makes my brain tickle. My dad would have a frigging heart attack if he even suspected this existed, though. :stuck_out_tongue:
Having a Firefly video to go with it is encouraging, however, 'cause it means someone out there shares my dorkiness.