That Svetlana Khorkina looks like a bitch.

She’s great on TV though, isn’t she?

I don’t know if she actually is a bitch, but she’s got that rat-faced scowl, the visible disappointment, that jack-booted strut, storky frame, and Lilith Frazier hair. They love that clip of her yelling at someone in Sydney, and crashing to her knees.

She’d looked right at home dress up in latex and chrome, carrying a whip.

“You’ve been bad, haven’t you, Trunk?”

“Yes, very bad, Mistress Khorkina.”

They can’t refer to her without calling her “diva” but every time they say it, you know what they mean. . .

I was mesmerized by her. I found myself rooting for her. I love the way she smiled during the floor exercise. I mean it looked so labored. So unnatural for her. It was great!

She’s SO thin that I wonder how she’s able to do half the stuff she does, by the way. Don’t you need a certain amount of power to be an Olympic-class gymnast? I always thought you needed a good deal of muscle, judging by the other gymnasts.

Svetlana looks like hard living, it’s that little American girl who looks like a bitch. Carly Patterson is an awesome gymnast, and she deserved the gold, but she just rubs me the wrong way. I imagine her to be a gossipy little snot.


Things I’d rather do with Svetlana. . .

Have sex

Things I’d rather do with Carly. . .

Bring her home to meet mom

That’s exactly what I thought! She would look right at home in stillettos, carrying a leather whip.

Ker-pow! On your knees! Bow before your mistress!

She’s awesome, though.

She’s got “eating disorder” written all over her - either that or a crystal meth problem.

Word has it that’s she also posed for some rather skanky pictures as well.

Well, lessee here:::Google:::, :::images:::, :::type in Svetlana:::
Yup, bitch and skanky. I love it.

She does come across as very sour-looking, I will admit. But it would be difficult to be at the top of the heap as she has been, for several years, and have the individual all-around remain elusive.

I like her because there is finally someone with legs skinnier than mine! :slight_smile:

She is a very gifted athlete and she’s right - no one can take that away from her!

Probably because she’s not privileged like our American gymnasts. I imagine her day-to-day existence is a far cry from what our little princesses are used to.

Hmmm… struck me as looking more like an ostrich than a bitch. She’s hell on wheels though. Talented gal.

I find it quite refreshing to see an athlete who actually lets their true emotions come through in their facial expressions, rather than the usual NBC-packaged, profesisonally-made-up phony baloney types who are acting the way their agent-arranged media coaches tell them to act.

She comes across as sour-looking, I suspect, because what she’s doing is really, really hard, stressful, and physically painful, and he hasn’t been taught to act like a beauty pageant contestant.

I agree with that wholeheartedly.

A scene I’d love to see:

“Svetlana, you’ve just won Olympic Gold. What are you going to do now?”

“Throw back a couple of shots of Vodka with my comrade, have a cigarette, and SURE AS STALIN, I’M NOT GOING TO FUCKING DISNEYWORLD.”

Has anyone seen the press mention her (lack of) weight? She has dropped some serious poundage recently, and I’m surprised that no one, not even the commentators, mentioned it. If you look at pictures from the last Olympics (or even a year or two ago) side-by-side with pictures from Athens, the difference is completely startling.

Yea, I’m hot for her, too.

How many other gymnasts currently competing have manuevers named after them? I don’t think there are any besides Svetlana.

And I’ve seen a wallpaper of her exposing boobies, but it looks a bit PhotoShopped to me. It’s on a site, not gonna link it here (NSFW).

I heard one of the CBC commentators say something about her having lost some weight. I wasn’t paying much attention, though. I was too busy trying to figure out how she was landing on those stick-legs without snapping them.

I must say, though, skinny or not, she’s good.

I think she looks like she’s lost a lot of weight - she used to be much more muscular, and now she’s boardering on skeletal. Personally, I think that’s why she had a bit of trouble landing a couple of her tricks on the floor ex.

Regarding her looking bitchy - that’s why she’s so fabulous - I always think she looks like she’s taking things very seriously - this is her career - as opposed to the young gals from North America that are 15 and 16 - they still probably have another Olympics in front of them so the pressure is less.

Anyhow - I love her and always have, even three Olympics ago. I hope that she doesn’t have an eating disorder.

Not to mention how many besides her are major contenders in three consecutive olympics. Hell, I think there’s only one person on the US team that was in the olympics before Athens. I was really pulling for her to win last night.

Yeah, I agree on the bitch part, but I have to say, the whole time I was thinking “dear God, I’d like to go offer her a muffin!” Eat something! Sorry, I find that kind of skinnyness absolutely disgusting. I find it almost repulsive. I just can’t see how anyone can find that attractive. Ugh.


I like her, did anyone see her at the end of the Team Event, when she got all her team together and shouted for some applause from the audience? It was like as if she wanted them to pay attention to her team mates and given them the accolades they deserved. She did more or less the same thing at the end of the singles event.

She is way to thin though!