That WAS a Ferrari Enzo! You unmitigated bastard!

See it and weep…

Some guy named Eddie Griffin (I’m assuming an actor of some kind? Sure as shit he can’t act like he knows how to drive) turns a 1.5 million dollar, incredibly rare (1/400) Ferrari Enzo into a scrap heap–because he CAN’T FUCKING DRIVE!

hyperventilate cleansing breath mantra

I swear I am physically hurting after seeing that. What I wouldn’t give to take a car like that out for a lovely respectful run, and this bloody moron runs it right into a concrete abutment and fucks it all up.

Way to go, fuckwit!

grumble grumble

He’s a comedian, and I thought the whole thing was pretty damn funny.

It’s a fuckin’ car. You need a chillax.

Actually, the real idiot in this story is the owner who let him drive it. What kind of moron thinks a comedian is qualified to handle a high-performance car? Serves his dumb ass right.


Yeah, who gives a shit? Did the owner have it insured? Then he can probably get a new one. In fact, even if he didn’t have it insured or the insurance didn’t cover unfunny comedians reducing it to a pile of shit, I’m confident he can get a new one. Because anybody who loans out such a car to any dipshit off the street to race in sure as fuck ain’t that worried about it.

Anyway, it’s a fucking car, not Starry Night. Get a grip. Nothing lasts forever, grasshopper.

Nope, that ain’t just a fuckin’ car–that’s a really fast, pretty car that I’d give an ovary to drive around for a while. Hey, if you aren’t a car person, that’s cool, but for some of us that’s a major sacrilege. That’s taking a shit in the Pope’s hat. I can handle dismembered babies and kicked puppies, but damn–THAT WAS AN ENZO!

It’s like Ferris Bueller but worse, because it’s real.

If that car were mine I wouldn’t let anyone near it–no shit, the owner is a retard. Now he’s a no-Ferrari retard, too. Wonder what the insurance company is gonna say about this one?


Now, if it was a 64 GTO (Ferrari or Pontiac), that would be a tragedy worthy of a major ass-kicking :slight_smile:

I’m just depressed because Undercover Brother would NEVER crash a car. It’s as if Sean Connery just published a book of poetry.

So much for suspension of disbelief.

I’m onboard with ya here–heck, if it was an F40 or an F50 I’d probably be passed out on the floor foaming at the mouth, but this is certainly bad enough. Dammit, how much of a dorkcheese do you have to be to fuck up a car that badly in such a short period of time? He went into that divider like it had a target painted on it–how can you fail to steer a car that good away from something that immovable? Gah, people who don’t deserve these cars get to mess them up and I can’t even take a lap around PIR in something fun. There’s no damned justice in the world…

The one to hate is the owner, not Griffin. Anyway there’s a thread about this in Cafe Society, and somebody is suggesting the whole thing is promotion for a movie.

I was impressed by the comment from the owner:

There’s a guy with a firm grasp of priorities.

I posted this in the thread on the topic in CS too - Keith Olbermann’s Countdown news show on MSNBC played the video, and pointed out two interesting points. One, there is a cameraman standing immediately behind the barrier that the Ferrari rams into, and he doesn’t so much as flinch or shift position even as the car crashes into that barrier only a couple feet from him. Two, after the crash, Griffin actually leans on the wrecked car and poses for photos. Could this be the world’s most expensive promotional stunt?

Great Og I certainly hope it’s not a publicity stunt–unless of course that’s really some elaborate kit car built on top of a Mustang frame or something. If it is, kill it twice! :smiley:

Sounds like a frickin ivory tower lefty Hollyweird elitist to me!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

Drive it like you stole it, bitch.

That is certainly a newb mistake. Looks like he blew the brake point, locked up the tires (at
which point the car won’t turn of course), and rammed the barrier as a result. Sad.

The Enzo is an ugly POS anyway. I think the wreck actually improved its looks.

Now had it been a McLaren F1, or a Bugatti Veyron. Both of these cars look better, and would smoke an Enzo.

When I first heard about this crashup I was amazed and appalled, but you make good points. And $1.5m ain’t all that much when it comes to Hollywood promo campaigns.

“…for example, a hack comedian just found out today that he’ll never work in this town again.”