THAT'S a game I want to see!

I copied this off just a couple of seconds ago:

“In a hard-hitting defensive battle, No. 3 Oklahoma is leading No. 2 Oklahoma 13-10 in the second half.”

Thank God I bet a million bucks on Oklahoma. I just KNOW they’ll pull off the win.

Look at the bright side, at least you don’t have to ride a mechanical bull. :smiley:

Just an update, Oklahoma won! But only because I am in OKlahoma and they had more insentive than the other team who was depressed because I am in Oklahoma!

Fair warning, any spelling errors in my last post were because my mind was clouded by the glory of Snooooop’s manboobs. Something I still have not recovered from. Now I must go sit at my Snoooooop alter and worship him again, excuse me won’t you?

Oh, you!