That's a MCCARTNEY song, you yutz!

I am as grieved as anyone else by the passing of George Harrison. I am theoretically glad that DJs wish to honor him.

But “Yesterday” is a McCartney song! So is “Hey Jude”! “Let it Be” is either him, or him and Lennon, but it’s not a Harrison song!

Harrison’s opi are “Something”, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, “I Me Mine” and “Here Comes the Sun”. Yes, I know there were others, but those would be the most appropriate at this time. And there’s a slew of solo songs, or Traveling Wilburys songs to choose from. (I don’t know who were the contributors on individual TW songs.) The only fitting tribute I’ve heard so far has been “My Sweet Lord”.

LA radio SUCKS!

[sub]I wonder if it would be okay to play “All Those Years Ago”. Kind of subverts the meaning, but…[/sub]

I get your point although I have been listening to Beatles songs all day, not just the ones that George wrote. He contributed a lot to all of the tunes. For example, the guitar solo that he takes in “Let It Be” is one of my all time favorites and it was really bittersweet to hear it today, regardless of who wrote the tune.

I vote for “Taxman.”

Well, that’s true. And maybe I’m jumping to the conclusion that the dorkwad LA DJs are playing Beatles songs in his honor. Maybe they’re just following their scheduled playlists. Morons.

Snooooopy: Why? I’m not choosing favorite songs, just eulogies. Is his estate in disarray?

What I mean is, I would suggest that the DJs play “Taxman.”

I know. But again, how is that appropriate for someone who just died?

I think George would’ve appreciated the irony of putting clever pennies on his eyes.

Anyway, I’m voting for “If I Needed Someone.”

I see.

Our local TV station played “Here Comes the Sun” yesterday during their coverage of GH’s passing.

It is appropriate because by playing the Beatles songs, regardless of which ones, they are celebrating his life and career.

And that someone thinks the line is “Put clever pennies on your eyes”. :smiley:

[sub]The girl with colitis goes by-y-y…[/sub]

Harrison is the guy, after all, who, knowing he didn’t have much longer, credited one of his last songs to ‘‘RIP Ltd. 2001.’’

Heh. Over at National Review Online, Stephen Moore’s tribute to Harrison half-jokingly describes Harrison as one of the first supply-siders.

I don’t think it’s inappropriate at all to play Beatles songs, regardless of who wrote them or took lead on them, to honor George’s memory. I obviously wasn’t there during the recording of said songs, but from what I understand, most of the songs were a group effort. Maybe George didn’t write the lyrics to Hey Jude, but he certainly played on the song and probably contributed to it.
The fact of the matter is, The Beatles would not have even existed without George. The group and its music is just as much his legacy as it’s McCartney’s and Lennon’s. (Eh, and even Ringo’s.)

“Clever pennies on your eyes,” hehehehehehehe.

I agree, even Frank Sinatra himself called “Something” the greatest love song of the 20th century. But I think all Beatles songs are appropriate at this time, since he’s best remembered as being part of the collective.

Nitpick: “opi” is not a word. The plural of opus is either opuses or opera.

Duly noted!

But I thought Yesterday was Paul’s own work-not with the others, although it’s credited to all, like Give Peace A Chance is, even though it was John and Yoko.

I think While My Guitar would be perfect, though.

(BTW, everytime I write a post on ANY message board about George, it seems that each time a George Beatles song comes on-right now it’s “If I Needed Someone”.)

Up here in Canada (eh?), they’re playing Beatles songs throughout the week-end interspersing them with Harrisongs:) (or is it vice versa?). It’s a ‘global hommage’. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Guin: Depends on how you define ‘credited’; if you mean it in a figurative sense, then yes credit goes to the Beatles as a group. But, ‘Yesterday’ (even if composed by McCartney) is credited as a Lennon-McCartney song, as is ‘Give Peace a Chance’ (Queen Elizabeth’s Hotel claim to fame:)).

I don’t think Yoko had much to do with the actual writing of Give Peace A Chance

(aside for serving as resident Muse).