That's it, I'm gonna shave her head!

I swear there are just somethings I’ll never understand about my wife. She’s walked around for a week or so with her head bundled under a scarf; she couldn’t get an appointment to gt her hair done until this week. Apparently the only woman at the Salon who braids is so good she has appointemnts extending out for weeks at a time, and she even opened the shop yesterday as a favor to my wife. She’d decided on braids since we work insane hours and she doesn’t like having to do her hair.She complained about it day and night, it got so I couldn’t wait for Monday to come along. I even tried to get her to get a perm just so I wouldn’t have to hear the complaints or see the scarves.

Yesterday finally comes and she spends $250 and eight hours (this is why I shave my head, I couldn’t ever be a oman) getting her hair braided, or partly braided anyway, as the braids end about halfway and then goes into curls. Looks great. So anybody want to guess what she’s wearing right now?

A freaking head scarf!! :smack:

I bet it looks cute too! :stuck_out_tongue:

Can we trade? I want to shave my head, my hair a freaking *blanket * down my back right now, and my hisband gets all pouty when I even suggest whacking off a foot of the damn stuff.
<shakes head> the things we do for love, or at least bi-weekly nookie.