That's Mrs. Beadalin, to you!

Hi guys!

Due to my sporadic participation, no one probably noticed I was missing, but now I am back… and MARRIED!

My wedding was this weekend (I just got back to my sad little office job), and it was so very fun and beautiful and everything a wedding should be. My new husband (my first time writing that, btw) and I are taking off for our honeymoon next week-- we’re going on a cruise that starts in Rome, goes along and French Rivieras, and ends in Barcelona.

Anyone want a genyoo-wine European postcard? Email me your address and I will be sure one gets to you.


Hi Mrs. Beadalin! Congratulations and hope for many happy years with your husband! Good to have you back. (I think. :slight_smile: )

Mazel tov, Mrs. Beadalin!

Yes, I’d love a postcard, as I collect them. I’ll e-mail you my address, and will offer to reciprocate with a Stockholm postcard in November, m’kay?

Hey, I’ll sign up for a postcard! Congratulations Ms. Beadalin (sorry, I’m a feminist and don’t use Mrs.)

It sounds like you’ll have a wonderful honeymoon. Congratulations (and nice web page by the way.)

Congrats Beadalin, that’s great news! Psycat and I would love a postcard. I’ll email you with our addy post haste! Hope you have a great time on your honeymoon, I’m sure you will.

congratulations on your marriage. many happy years.


May you always be even happier together than you are today!


Congrats, MRS. :smiley: I hope you and Mr. are as happy as Mr. TroubleAgain and I are. (And that’s pretty darned happy!)

Many, many thanks for the congratulations, all. People at work have actually told me to stop glowing. Hee hee. Postcards for one and all, just give me a couple weeks!