that's what she (or he) said

Most of you probably know the joke from The Office. I am now trying to use it in every conceivable situation.

I am watching the Altman movie Nashville. Chatting about it with a friend on Facebook. I make a joke about looking forward to seeing the skeletal Shelly Duvall in her underwear again (she was scary thin). He says "Yikes!

That’s what he said!

Who has examples of using this joke?

It predates The Office by decades. If I recounted all the time I’ve used it this thread would be the longest one in SDMB history.

There’s probably a cave somewhere with paintings that translate to that phrase.

Well then, what do you think was your most clever use of the joke? Might have been a better thread title.

I, on the other hand, find it very difficult to recall such instances.

It was probably invented by Homo Erectus.

That’s what she said!

The beauty and curse of the joke is you can say it after any God damn thing. So that’s what people do. And it is so very tedious to ever have a conversation with those people. It’s so easy that even under the best of circumstances that even if hilarious, it’s never clever. Hell, even King of the Hill had a whole episode about the issue.

Some history of the joke I just looked up. The Hitchcock clip is hilarious.

That’s what she said!

According to me? All of them. According to Ms. P? None of them.

This reminds me that I should re-visit Riverworld. One of the pre-human characters laughed at a joke, but then commented that yes, even during his lifetime, he’d heard the same variants as the 1960’s human.

I think you meant that as a joke, quoting snfaulkner. I guess there are people out there who use it after just about anything, when it is not funny at all. I would not like to be around those people and have not been. Anyway I am late to this game, I think the first season of The Office was 2006. And until recently, I haven’t seen it in years.

That’s what she said!


Oh wait, now I remember why this has become a thing for me recently. At my office, when I was going into the office (been at home for 3 months now), there are 3 women who sit near me, all about 30. They have just recently started watching The Office and have made the joke, so it became new to me.

Maybe the real reason Lucifer was cast out of heaven was saying it one too many times.

This thread is reminding me of that line in The Big Chill. “Don’t you have any other music, say, from this century?”

Well, other than a couple of Courtney Barnett, Kurt Vile, and Wilco albums, not much.

I used to keep up on all the latest music, I have over 15,000 songs, but sometime in the early 2000s I stopped buying new stuff.

And now I find I am posting about a joke that has been around for decades. Even in the modern world, 14 years since it became popular in the US. And as I am reading here, there are now jokes about the joke.

What happened to the cool me? Well, I am sure I will be a laugh riot once they put me into the old folks home.

You do realize they have Michael Scott use it to indicate how incredibly lame and unfunny he was? Using this joke in an effort to be funny is like imitating Dwight Schrute in order to be cool.

of course I realize what an idiot Michael Scott is. It is still a funny joke, when it is funny. Otherwise we would not be talking about it. “That is what she said” is the one example of him being funny. It is part of pop culture. A cliche by now.

You don’t seem to have understood what I said. The joke is not funny in itself. What’s funny is Michael making an idiot of himself. So if you are using it, you are also making an idiot of yourself. People are not laughing with you, they are laughing at you. If you are happy with people laughing at you for being an idiot, then go for it.

So everybody who has ever used this joke is an idiot? This is not the Pit so I can’t say what I think of you now. Are you the moderator of what is funny? What fucking nerve do you have to call me an idiot? Is P-man an idiot? Are any of the other people who will, I am sure, chime in with their own instances of using the joke, idiots? Are my colleagues at work who have made the joke idiots? Did you read anything I wrote after the OP, or did you just jump in with your, I am sorry, idiot’s opinion.

“That’s what she said” is funny, if done right. If you don’t think so, fine. Don’t insult people who don’t agree with your determination of what is funny.