The #1 thing that bugged me this week

Okay, so I didn’t hate this, but it sure annoyed the hell out of me. I’m switching around channels on Saturday, and what do I see on MTV? Bruce Springsteen’s ass! “Wow,” I think, “This network’s finally getting some class!” And I watch, only to discover that it’s a special called “The History of Sex,” with all the major events being MTV-related. Because, apparently, it’s a little known fact that sex has only existed for the past 20 years, and if it wasn’t for MTV, I’m sure sex’s popularity would have died out in a second.
Get over yourself, MTV. You didn’t invent sex.

I saw that special as well. It was intersting, but you are correct that MTV played themselves up. And does Britney Spears REALLY have to be the #1 sex… thing… of all time. Gimme a break.

Why has MTV turned into "everything but music television. Rather than get my hopes up that I might one day actually see a music video on MTV, why don’t they change their name to the Teen Lifestyle Network or something like that?

Dammit! I remember when MTV played videos! They were calling it Music TeleVision!

And when did MTV start to SUCK and VH1 get cool?

It’s an alien conspiracy…


It’s not them; it’s us, Wonk. We’re getting old.

I am not getting older, I’m just getting the hang of how the world works. :smiley:

I was flipping the channels a while back and saw an Iron Maiden video on VH-1. What was MTV playing? The Real World. This must be one of the signs of the Apocalypse.