The 11th Hour ending

Factual question dealing with an entertainment category - GQ won the toss-up.

This has been driving me nuts for years. My sister and I worked together on the 7th Guest and the 11th Hour games. At the end of the 11th Hour, neither of us were very good at the last game, so my husband completed it for us, leaving us with three choices of women. The lady in the wheelchair, Robin - the girlfriend, and Stauf’s daughter. I wanted to see what would happen if we picked evil-girl. I got out-voted twice, and my husband refused to play the last game one more time for us.

So I know what happens if you pick the lady in the wheelchair, and if you pick Robin.

What happens if you pick the evil one??? I’ve been dying to know, and since we’ve reformatted the computer, in order to find out, I’d have to play the entire game all over again!

It occurred to me that someone at the SDMB might know.


Yep. She turns into Stauf and kills you on the spot.


The mystery has ended. Just as well, because I tried to re-install the game, and it won’t install. Maybe it’s XP issues.

Yes, she is the houses daughter. She starts to make out with you, then pushes you back, whips off the skin on her head and it is Stauf. Not so good.

There was going to be a 7th Guest 3, but the company went out of business when the two guys that ran it argued too much. I saw screenshots of it awhile back.