The 2011 SDMB Baseball HoF Poll

They’re never going to get in, but I didn’t want Baines and BJ Surhoff to go voteless.

Blyleven led his league in pitcher WAR once and was top 5 several more times. The lack of knowledge about park adjustments in the 70s and 80s really hits him pretty hard, since he played the significant majority of his career in strong parks for hitters. Also the lack of knowledge about park adjustments in the minds of the subset of people currently eligible to vote for the Hall of Fame.

Essentially, McGwire was awesome enough that I was willing to overlook the PED stuff; Palmeiro, absent the steroids, I might eventually have been talked into supporting due to his long, productive career, but I don’t think the hall’s really missing anything by leaving him out.

**Munch **has done a good job on Blyleven, but let me add that the man is fifth all-time in career strikeouts and ninth all-time in career shutouts. These are eye-popping accomplishments. Leaving him out of the Hall of Fame is indefensible on these counts alone. Excluding Bert because he never won a Cy Young and only made two All-Star Games would be like excluding Harmon Killebrew because he never batted .300 or laid down a sacrifice bunt.

They would be missing a 3,000 hit and a 500 HR man-I think the Hall would be missing quite a bit by excluding such a player, given that these milestones have traditionally (and formerly) meant virtually automatic inclusion.

I am amazed when people say things like this-it’s like the Hall shouldn’t be 2/3rds the size it is now (which is arguable-there have been many definite mistakes), but more like 1/4th the size, given how such exacting and unrealistic standards are being used as a bludgeon against both Palmiero and Blyleven.

I don’t buy Tom Scud’s argument, but 500 home runs doesn’t mean what it used to. It can’t. And that’s particularly true with regard to a player who tested positive for steroids.

I think the 5 year wait is more to avoid the gut decision that puts Danny Tartabul in the Hall rather than to avoid the non-vote for guys who just retired. Those guys will still be on the ballot years later. Unless, of course, they don’t get the required percentage, in which case they probably weren’t worthy in the first place.

Huh? Raines had a 7 year period where he stole 504 bases and was caught only 74 times, hit 300 5 times, over 390 obp 6 times, warp over 5 times, and was an all star every year. That seems like a pretty dominate peak to me. Larkin too was one of the best players in baseball for a while. He certainly isn’t being voted in for his durability. Just because players aren’t sluggers doesn’t mean they didn’t have top notch peaks.

Each of those “peaks” is impressive. I don’t see how Palmeiro’s '91-'02 isn’t comparable to those, or even more impressive.

And that '99 Gold Glove! Has there ever been a more dominating 28 games at 1B in baseball history!?

Alomar and Blyleven got in. Way to go Bret!

And Kevin Brown doesn’t renew for another year. Wow.

Well I voted for Palmerio too, but I would not put his peak quite in the same class. For starters Raines and especially Larkin had a lot more positional and defensive value. The run environment was different too as runs were much easier to come by in the 90’s than the 80’s.

Once again, the superior baseball knowledge of the SDMB is proven. Which of the candidates in our poll hit the magic 75% mark? That’s right: Alomar and Blyleven.

I think Alomar got 90 percent of the vote and Blyleven got 79 percent. Right now they’re sitting at 90% and 77.5% in the SDMB poll, so that’s pretty accurate. Results for the non-inducted are still trickling out, but ESPN says Bagwell got 41 percent, McGwire got 19 percent, and Palmeiro got 11 percent. Ouch.

Wow, Bagwell at 41% (brief ESPN story). I figured he probably wouldn’t get in first-ballot, but that’s pretty low.

The full results The Bagwell total is absurdly low. He will get in eventually though, perhaps in the same year as Biggio. Larkin looks like he could get in next year in a weaker class. Mcgwire lost even more votes. Gonzalez barely stays on the ballot while Baines is knocked off.

Yeah, the fact that he got 41% (compared to McGwire, who’s not gotten above 20% or so) suggests to me that he could get more support over time. At least, he’s starting from a stronger base.

Surprised Lee Smith fell off the ballot. Guess the saves record didn’t mean much. (he didn’t hold it that long though)

Looks like Larkin will go in next year. Raines should be going with him but the writers are retarded. Jack Morris gets over 50% and a better pitcher, Kevin Brown, falls off the ballot? Unbelievable.

Huh? Smith got 45% of the vote. He’ll be back next year.

Lee Smith didn’t fall off the ballot. This was his 8th go at it. He picked up a little steam, a few percentage points. Not sure if he’ll actually make it or not. He held the record for 13 years.