The 39 Malakhos (t)

what is the story with setting lawn sprinklers (that you set on Thursday, to go off) , for let’s say 2:00 a.m. Shabbos (Saturday)? I have heard arguments both ways, what do you say?



IMHO. It seems like a call for opinions, not an answer.

Hi Jonathan,

Sorry and thanks, still getting the hang of this.

I say you’re not completing the electrical circuit on Shabbat (i.e., doing the work, making the “fire”), so it’s okay.

Aren’t there other examples of stuff that runs in the background on Shabbat, like the batteries in your computer or cell phone? You don’t interact with them on Shabbat, so they’re ok. I’m Jewish, but no expert.

And congratulations on not posting this at 6 pm on Friday night (which is what often happens with questions about Judaism), meaning that we won’t get answers from religious types for at least 24 hours. :wink:

Hi Thelmalou,

That’s funny, posting at 6 p.m.

It could be timers on lights etc. as well. The issue is more do with the loopholes really. I understood the 39 to be related to the building of the Mishkan and that much of the current day prohibitions are Rabbinic. Not suggesting anyone sit in the cold and the dark. I wonder what the next 100 years will bring re modern tech and the new issues that will be considered re the 39.

Theoretically, you could say that winding a clock in advance so it will run through the Sabbath would be in the same category. It is imparting kinetic energy to something with the intent of having the “work” performed on the Sabbath.

If it’s 4:00 PM on Friday in California can a Jew using a smartphone in Los Angeles start his dishwasher in New York?

Hi Bill Door, I am going with door number one, yes that is permitted, oh the absurdity of it all.

Only if he faces west and sends his intention *westward *around the globe so that it’s virtually already Saturday night in New York. Wait…! Is that right? :dubious:

On a serious note re 4pm friday, I imagine the answer would depend on what time Shabbos comes in. I have seen Shabbos start at 3:34 pm and 8:47 pm, depends on the time the sun sets.