The 4400 (6/12)

I didn’t see a thread on this, so I thought I’d start one. Three observations:

  1. I suspect Aunt April isn’t long for this world.
  2. I’m starting to suspect what someone speculated on a previous thread, that Jordan Collier is not actualy one of the 4400, but is attempting to use them for his own nefarious purposes.
  3. Baby Isabella is gettting scary.

Aunt April is an idiot but I don’t think she’ll be anything more than a distraction. Assuming she sticks around, I’m confident her entire purpose will be to annoy us and perhaps exploit our Little Fortuneteller’s abilities.

Isabella freaks me out, man.

When did Jordan ever say he was of the 4400… I thought he was just a guy who took interest in it…

He said he was in the first series, when a group of returness were gathering at Mt. Ranier to sort out their lives and be extras on a TV show.

Doesn’t the government have a database that lists every member of the 4400 though? I thought they rounded everyone up and sent them to quarantine in the first season. If so, it seems that someone should have blown the whistle by now if Jordan is a fake. Isabella clearly seems to know why she was born, and doesn’t mind getting rid of anyone who gets in her way. If I were Richard, I’d get away from her asap. She doesn’t connect with him the way she does with Lily, so he’s more disposable to her.

I thought that this was supposed to be the first week of the new season, but it looks like I’m late by at least one episode.

What did I miss?

Here is a summary for last week’s installment.

She is certainly an idiot, but she does seem to be bonding with Maia (although perhaps not in a good way). From the moment the character walked through Diana’s front door, she seemed to have “expendable” stamped on her forehead. I predict she’ll die while either trying to exploit Maia or trying to protect her. Either way, her purpose as far as the narrative will be to compound the misery in Maia’s life.

What he said. I think they probably introduced her for reasons beyond adding a little family drama to Scully… I mean, Skouris’s life.

I was extremely impressed with how much April looks like Diana. Good casting choice.

There was a scene where Richard and Lily were making eye contact in the rear view mirror. I got the feeling that MAYBE it isn’t all Isabella who is doing this. Something about the look in Lily’s eyes made me thing that SHE is the one doing these things, not necessarily Isabella. I’m probably wrong, but it would be a neat mis-direct on the part of the show if that were the case.

How the preview for next week? Looks like Coma Kid a/k/a “Number 4401” is having a breakdown. He’s a strange kid, or the actor has a strange face or something. His professor/love interest is easy on the eyes though!

I liked this ep quite a bit. The idea that returnees might just be better off with Jordan is an intriguing one.

That scene was right after Richard took them away from the little boy, right after he doubled over in pain. I wondered why Lily didn’t seem more concerned with Richard’s pain. I’m starting to suspect that Isabella is working at turning Lily to the Dark Side of the 4400 force. Perhaps that’s her purpose.

Hey…that was me! :smiley: I’m actually thinking that there are folks from the future that don’t want things to change for the better, and that Jordan is (posessed by?) one of them. Also, I think baby Isabella is part of that plan, which would explain Jordan’s obsession with her.

I think Isabella is cute though.