The 8,742nd Bra thread

The last couple of my dozen or so bras, (purchased online in a great style and a price I can no longer find), are about to die. :frowning: I need to find some new ones now. I don’t wear an off the rack size.

I know that lady dopers in the past have had some great suggestions about where to find reasonably priced custom sized bras.

I’m hoping to pay under 40 bucks for a 34J. Anyone got any ideas?

Hey! Stop laughing!

I didn’t even know they came in “J”. :eek::eek:

How come you wimmens get almost 9000 bra threads, and I’ve only seen one jock strap thread for us guys?

I’ve got no ideas, and I’m in the same boat. The ones I have are getting old & tired, there is one place I can order the kind of minimizer I like online BUT…they are handmade, and actually vary quite a lot. If I buy them at the bra store they cost $106 but I can try them on first. If I buy them online they cost $82 but shipping is $12 and they might not work, and I’d have to pay the shipping back.

The other bra store I go to says “Don’t wear a minimizer!”

I have ordered a couple of Fantasie bras online, and that worked, but…not under $40. ( However, they have some on sale, might be worth a try.

I am also in need of a sports bra, which is even harder to find.:frowning:

I can’t help you with the shopping, but will you marry me?

Linda’s has some options in the $40-$50 range. maybe one of them would work for you?

Perfect! They even have colors! I’m not sure why this one didn’t pop up when I was doing all of my googling. And I figured I wasn’t going to get lucky enough to find the great prices (2 for 30 bucks) I did about 5 years ago when I bought a bunch from a website that doesn’t appear to be in business any longer.

I didn’t know I was a J, until I got measured :D. I’ve been mistakenly squeezing into DDDs the last several years.


Champion makes a ‘molded cup’ sports bra that minimizes the uniboob effect; they sell them at target up to size XXL. Only comes in black and white, no nude or ‘fun’ colors. Less than $25 here in Utah.

I have a unique issue.

The funbags have, ah, deflated somewhat. Sports bras work best, but I want to find some nicer bras that don’t give me uniboob. Anyone got any advice?

I use Enell, but I’m not sure how effective it is or isn’t with the uniboob. It doesn’t do that to me (I think), but I don’t care about it since I care only about exercise when I’m wearing a sports bra.

For other stuff, I’ve gone to Soma’s or VS (yes, they do somethings other than pushups), but those don’t cater to over DD (sorry!). I loved Soma’s minimizer, and it gave in after 3 years or so of use. :frowning: Sadly planning a trip to the nearest mall with that store is a hassle.

32G (or 30GG on my skinnier days) checking in, to say I swear by the Panache Tango Superbra. Looks like you can get one in your size for under $40 on ebay okay too!

Just looked at the Panache bras on
They have a sports bra that I am thinking of getting. Not sure I will be able to avoid singing the Wonder Woman theme while I am wearing it. Should be inspirational, right?

Why is it when you try a bra on in the store it fits, then after you wear it for a few hours it’s way too tight. I’m a bean pole and would only pass the pencil test if the point was sharp enough yet I can’t find a bra that fits me. Right now I’m going with a bandeau bra but even those will get tight around the rib cage after a while. I’m thinking about just getting a box of band-aids and being done with it.

Definitely! Although I’d go for the purple :slight_smile:

I used to have one of their sports bras back in 2006 or so - it was good, but so tight I practically had to dislocate my arms to hook it up. And it was a triple hooker!

What’s the world’s largest commercially available bra size (revisited)? by one Cecil Adams.

I buy Panache bras for my wife (32E) on Ebay and she loves them!! There are several British sellers who sell “new with tag” bras and charge a reasonable price for shipping to US. You can often get them for under $35.

Part of Panache’s marketing is “up to a J cup” so hopefully they will have something for the OP.

This blogger is a 30G IIRC and has lots of reviews for larger-cup bras:

Imagine the thickest, most comfortable t-shirt you’ve ever worn. Now double the fabric for strength, and add just enough stretch to let it give when you bend.

Thick, gentle elastic around the ribcage, and gentle gathers in between to provide shape. Wide soft cottony straps over your shoulders.

More like $55 each, but custom made and worth every penney! Mine last 3 years if I avoid putting them in the dryer. That’s hard, becuase they do take a while to hang dry.

I don’t recommend the racer back. My experience is that the straps land so close to the neck there’s no shirt that will cover them.

For more conventional choices: and somebody already mentioned herroom.

Good luck!

I don’t mean to be insulting, but those look like cheap sports bras. Do you really find these to be supportive and flattering on a larger bust? All the models are small breasted and the nursing bra model is visibly saggy.

I tried this as a sports bra. Not recommended. They don’t have what it takes to support a 32G, and I think somewhere they even said “works best for cup sizes up to F” or something like that.

It was comfortable enough until I started moving, but, um…sports bra?

And it wasn’t even cheap.