The abbreviation "Sri." in India

What does “Sri.” mean in front of the names on the list of boardmembers on the link below? Is it an abbreviation for a common name or a title or form of address? Thanks.

It’s an honorific.

It’s an honorific. Compare it to, say, “Mr.”.

(That having been said, there are plenty of names which incorporate it as their first part (e.g., mine). But its use as an honorific is not meant as an abbreviation for any of these.)

Sri means Mr., and Srimati means Mrs., but it’s closer to Sir and Madam in honor. So, sometimes it means Mr., sometimes it means Sir, and sometimes it means “The Great”.

ETA: And it’s pronounced “shree”

Ah, “sir” is a much better analogy (well, except to the extent that anyone might connect that with an official knighthood). I was searching for an example with the right connotations, and somehow blocked on that. But like you say, exactly what level of honor it’s meant to carry can vary.

Ah, so Arthur C. Clarke lived on “Radiance Island.” That seems appropriate.

It was purely serendipitous. :wink:



On a wedding invite, Sri and Srimati (invariably abbreviated Smt), more or less mean Mr. and Mrs. In the case of anyone in a position of religious authority, a Sri in front of their name means something more along the lines of “The Reverend”. In at least one case this has been carried to ridiculous lengths. Ravi Shankar (spiritual leader) - Wikipedia.

Is “Sri” occasionally doubled in front of a name, “Sri Sri Whomever”? I think I remember seeing that in a couple of places.

The day someone calls me a Sri. is the day that I realize that I am not young anymore.

It’s just a misspelling of Sir :wink:

Although sometimes Sri has been incorporated into a surname and thats how you get Sri Sriwhatever.

It can be not only doubled but repeated an arbitrary number of times, usually expressed by “Sri [numeral]”. “Sri 108” is the most frequently seen form of this honorific repetition, generally reserved for highly revered holy figures and the like.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Sri Sri Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee Maharaj

Sadguru Sri 18 Swami Adgadanand Ji Maharaj

Sri 108 Gurudev Balacharya Yogendra Sagar Ji Maharaj