The Act (Hulu series)

Didn’t see a thread on this one. Anyone else watching it?
It’s sad, and kind of lurid and I can’t look away.

If you’re a Patricia Arquette fan ( I am) you will love this performance (even while you despise her character). The always great Chloe Sevigny has a supporting role and Margot Martindale, whose role is rather small, plays it to a t. The real revelation here is the young actress sharing the lead. I predict big things for Joey King.

I started it about 2 weeks ago and caught up just in time to catch last Wednesday’s episode. Now, I didn’t watch any of the documentaries, but being that they ended up in Wisconsin, it made the news when it happened so I had a very, very basic idea of the details.

When I started watching it, Joey’s voice really got on my nerves. As I watched more, I got used to it, particularly after hearing the real Gypsy Rose talk. She sounds exactly like that. Part of me still wishes they toned it down a bit, just because it’s somewhat grating, but I can live with it. It reminds of of Sean Penn in This Must Be The Place. Some people coundn’t get through that movie because of how he talks.

I don’t know how much Joey King has done since Ramona. When I looked at her IMDB page, I do remember her from Fargo, and she just started on Life In Pieces (really good show for those that haven’t seen it yet). It just dawned on me that Colin Hanks is in both of those as well.

Knowing Chloe was it it almost turned me off. The only thing I know her from is The Brown Bunny. That’s truly one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. But, yeah, she’s good in this.