The Addams Family. Are they dead?

Are they alive? Or are they just really weird?

They dress as if they’re still in the early twentieth century, they like torture, and Uncle Fester survived being electrocuted.

I’m guessing they’re dead, but they act as if they’re alive.

Well, Morticia and Gomez reproduced. Twice. Three times in the movies.

I don’t think you can find a better example of joie de vivre than Gomez Addams.

I don’t know that that necessarily means anything. You’re average zombie is dumb as a rock, but still has joie de brains. Gomez could be livin’-large kinda ghoul.

I’ve only ever seen a few episodes of the original show (and, thankfully, none of the episodes from any of the remakes) but I imagine that there has to be at least one episode where someone tries to use a stethoscope on one of the Addamses with some sort of hilarious result. If they heard one or more heartbeats, then that would indicate that whatever else they might be, they ain’t dead yet.

There was a show? I’m only familiar with the two movies.

Before the show, there were Charles Addams’ cartoons. (The TV family was named in his honor – in the 'toons he never gave them a name.) Go to your local Barnes & Noble or Borders, the cartoons subsection of the humor section, and look for The World of Chas. Addams.

The Addams Family started as a series of cartoons in the New Yorker (Done by Charles Addams - thus the name of the series about the otherwise unnamed family).

Then a TV series, in 1964, starring John Astin (Gomez), Jackie Coogan (Fester), Carolyn Jones (Morticia), Blossom Rock (Grand-mama), Ken Weatherwax (Pugsley), Lisa Loring (Wednesday), and Ted Cassidy (Lurch).

Then 2 separate TV cartoons ('73, '92-'93).

Then the movies.

Then another live action series in '98, starring nobody of particular note - although Astin made several guest-appearances as Grand-papa - who was just like Gomez, but older.


You’re kidding, right?

And unless you’re following the philosophy of “that sequel did not happen” (a philosophy I wish I could follow in this case), there were THREE Addams Family movies.

Interesting tidbit:

Blossom Rock (Grandmama) was Jeanette MacDonalds’s sister.

Yes, but then it would have to be joie de mort, wouldn’t it?

French! You spoke French! You know what that does to me … .

There was? I only rememebr the “Family” and “Family Values”. Did they make a third?

I never thouht they were dead. They were a bunch of wierd people, unlike say, the Munsters, where at least three members of the family were undead.

Apu: I don’t understand something. If your father was a Frankenstein, and your mother was a vampire, how come you were a werewolf?

Kid who played Eddie Munster: I don’t know.

If you mean Addams Family Reunion, I’m not surprised it’s relatively unknown. I didn’t know about it myself, despite liking the two earlier films a lot. It went straight to video and had only two actors in common wth the two Raul Julia/Angelica Huston films; Carel “Lurch” Struycken (whose physique pretty much gaurantees him the part, anyway) and Christopher “Thing” Hart (who’s making a career out of playing hands).

Meantime, I’ll continue to sulk that a talented actor like Julia had a crapfest like Street Fighter as his last major film.

Bryan Ekers fielded this one, but I simply have to note that if you value your sanity, your voice, or your television screen, do NOT rent Addams Family Reunion.

<Groundskeeper Willie>It’s crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrap!</GW>

For you Twin Peaksfans, he was the Giant.

TV SERIES: All the actors except Gomez and the two kids are dead. (John Astin’s still kickin’, last I heard)

MOVIE: All the actors except Gomez and Grandmama are alive.

Slight hijack:

In the old TV series, Lurch was played by Ted Cassidy, a very tall, craggy-looking man with an extremely deep voice. Well-known character actor.

When he died in the early seventies, his live-in girlfriend inherited everything. She had him cremated and put in an urn. She later buried the urn in the back yard of the house they shared.

She later sold the house and moved.

Somewhere in the residential areas around Los Angeles, there is a house, probably occupied by people who have no idea that Lurch is buried in their back yard…

IMDB doesn’t note the death of Grandma from the first movie and she has a credit from 2003; Grandma from the second movie is very much alive.

I was freaked out when I discovered an Addams Family cartoon in a old New Yorker cartoon anthology (printed in the 50’s) - the character designs matched the 1990’s animated series exactly, but it was dated 1932! I had no idea the character models weren’t invented by the series creators; it felt like I was unearthing an ancient artifact prophesizing modern times.