The administrators are cool

Hey, flame me if you will, but I think it’s great that the administrators run this messageboard as they see fit.

Kudos to the admins :cool:

Oh my God, the anti-flame. What should we do?

[Tom Servo]
[/Tom Servo]

Kidding. :smiley:

Does any one else automatically get a little jumpy when someone with less than ten posts starts a thread about the mods? Even when it’s as innocuous (and accurate![/brown nose]) as this one?

One of four things:

[li]Beg a mod to move this over to MPSIMS before somebody gets hurt,[/li][li]Have a sappy, drippy, pat-the-admins-on-the-back circle jerk right here in the Pit (obviously not my first choice,)[/li][li]Flame the bejeezus out of a newbie because he improperly placed a Mundane, very Pointless thread in the Pit, or[/li]Lock this bad boy up.

And he registered before you:)

Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare or enrage anyone

I just wanted to commend the moderators and administrators on their excellent job of keeping this board regulated.

I apparently offended some people by making a reference to concrete in two of my previous posts here, however concrete must be pretty taboo here to cause for immediate thread deleting.

I apologize for any inconvenience, and I won’t make any further references to concrete unless I am confronted about it :slight_smile:

I’m afraid I’m going to have to report this.

Well pat me on the ass and call me Darlin’.

I hadn’t noticed. Obviously.

Can I be pivot man?

Beats me, Jack. It’s your call.

Somethin’s fishy here. Profile says fury has four posts. Search produces only this thread. I see only two posts. I’d be willing to bet those cool administrators found the other two simply too controversial, censored them, made them vanish into thin air. Poof. Never to be seen again. I demand a recount. Nay, an investigation!!!

(Hey, after all, this is the Pit.)

This will be going into my report as well.

As I said earlier, a couple of my posts were deleted