"The Affair" on SHOWTIME; Season 2

So, this Sunday is the season finale. I think this show has picked up a bit, and I’m back to being into it. Anyone else still watching? I do find the oldest daughter, Whitney, to be pretty annoying, but she’s been out of the picture the last two episodes. They’re not really doing the deal anymore where the show is split into 2 versions of the same events, which is OK with me, generally, but it would be nice to have one of those every now and then. They were enjoyable.

I’m going to spoiler this even though it’s only my conjecture not based on anything other than watching; it’s about Scotty and his “secret info” that would just drive Cole crazy, supposedly:

I think they’re throwing us a dodge making us think that Scotty is the father of Alison’s new baby. I think Scotty was the father of Gabriel (the kid who died) and that Oscar (red-haired douche-bag former owner of the Lobster Roll) is the father of the new little girl. IIRC, Alison already confessed to having slept with him when she and Noah weren’t seeing each other anymore. And that kid sure has some crazy red hair-- Scotty wouldn’t have said that the baby looked like him. Also, the paternity of the new baby wouldn’t be some wild revelation to Cole (as Scotty said his secret would be), but the paternity of Gabriel sure would!

John Mace, my wife agrees on your first call, but don’t you think…

[spoiler]…that the little girl is Cole’s baby?

I also think the flashback accident that Noah keeps having is a red herring too. I’m thinking that the blood he was cleaning off with the hose as revealed at the trial was from a deer or some other animal.[/spoiler]

…as long as we’re making wild predictions. As I’ve mentioned in another thread, with the altered time sequence and multiple points of view, the writers have a lot more room to work.


[spoiler]That’s certainly a possibility. One problem with my hypothesis is that a DNA test wouldn’t finger Oscar, since they wouldn’t necessarily have his DNA. But if they were testing for Scotty, they could figure out whether Scotty was the dad, or whether one of his brothers was. And we do know that Alison slept with Cole, even if they didn’t show any sex. AND… it would make the entanglement of the business relationship even crazier.

However, how would Scotty know that Cole was the father? Maybe I’m being thrown off by the baby’s red hair, but that’s what I thought Scotty was seeing in her.[/spoiler]

I have enjoyed this season more than the first. This is an engaging show.

I don’t think we need to Spoiler speculation do we? I am pretty sure the baby born the night of the storm is Cole’s. Didn’t the show outright tell us that at one point? Or at least strongly hinted it.

The show outright told us / strongly hinted that Scotty was the father, not Cole.

I remember reading a review of that episode online…they raised the possibility that when Scotty says “That baby is ours”, he means the Lockart’s.

I have to admit now that I think the most parsimonious answer is that Cole is the father of the baby girl. I’m not saying my original hypothesis is wrong, just that it seems less likely.

Yeah I thought “ours” meant the Lockhart family. Cole and Alison actually slept together post divorce didn’t they? This is what I get for half watching at times :slight_smile:

Well, they slept in the same bed, but it was not at all clear they had sex. Alison did say she had had sex with Oscar, but that might have been too early for the pregnancy timing to work out.

I think Allison’s sex with Oscar was a “long time ago” thing. She pretty much treated him like the a-hole he is while working for him.

I assumed that when Scotty was shown (but not heard) yelling “That’s our baby!” to Allison that he was actually referring to The Lobster Roll, not an actual child, and that the show was just using that as a misdirection to make the viewer think that Scotty was the father of the baby born during the storm.

That was my take. Scotty referred to the baby as “ours” because their family is very tribal and Cherry Lockhart believes there will never be another Lockhart baby (the supposed “curse”). Scotty strongly suspects the baby is Cole’s because he knows Cole and Allison slept together. AFAIK Scotty and Allison have never slept together.

If Cole is indeed the father, Allison has the strongest motive for killing Scotty. But I’m not convinced she did it.

She explicitly stated she had sex with him during her break from Noah. It wasn’t that long ago.

We saw Allison have sex with Oscar. However, I think it was too long ago to result in the new little girl. Now, Scotty being Gabriel’s daddy? That’s an interesting theory.

I can’t figure out which house Cole burned…
…and why there hasn’t been any mention of it since.

Wasn’t it the house Allison owned? She sold it and I think the realtor was far more interested in the property being right on the shore than the house itself.

If I were Noah’s defense attorney, the second Max was finished testifying for the prosecution I would’ve said “Isn’t it true that you love the defendant’s wife and she dumped you because she still had feelings for the defendant, so now you’re lying to us to get him out of the way? And isn’t it also true that you loaned the defendant $50,000 and he never paid you back?” I mean, that guy would be discredited in no time.

No kidding. Max’s testimony is damaging, but hardly unimpeachable. Max was banging Noah’s wife and it ended badly. Max’s torch for Helen is well-known to everyone except Noah.

Noah found out in last week’s episode. I don’t remember seeing Noah’s attorney cross-examine Max. But I’m positive the attorney has something up his sleeve, especially since he knows who the baby’s father is.

Max gave Noah the $50K-- it wasn’t a loan. But… Isn’t it true that you gave Noah $50K so he could secure an apartment and expedite his divorce so that YOU could then marry his ex-wife?