The aliens are here! and probably gone....

I probably am the last person on the dope to hear this, but I heard the proof (well the theory) that intelligent aliens have recently visited Earth. Heard about the missing honey bees? The reason is simple: Aliens have visited earth and abducted representatives from the only intelligent species they could find…
And I suspect that those left behind are not happy about it! :smiley:

So long, and Thanks for all the Pollen.

On the off chance that this thread is going to go silly:

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off chance?
I’ve got a chair at a poker table for you.

Oh allright… But it is an important discovery if confirmed. At least for the bees. Anyone counted the dolphins lately? :smiley:

Well, we know there are at least two humback whales left.
(Maybe that’s where they were going.)

Do bees have anuses to be probed?

They really should be named George & Gracie at this point.

Anuses named George and Gracie? That IS silly!


I once swatted at a bee that was flying near my pop can. It hit the opening, the body went in, but it’s head was nicely decapitated. I did what any real man would do in that situation. I got a tiny piece of wood, some polyurethane, and mounted the bees head on my basement wall.

I am sooooo in big trouble when our bee overlords take over.