Alien are coming....tomorrow, Oct 14th

According to several UK tabloid newspapers (so it must be true:dubious:) Aliens are to arrive tomorrow.

ET will make a grand entrance by flying across our skies in a space craft that will be visible for 3 days…it could even land after it appears over an American desert.

The harbinger of this great joy is an American psychic, Blossom Goodchild who claims the aliens informed her of their plans.

She said that they come in love and to help us move to a higher vibration of love.

Does this mean giant vibrators or what?

We should hold a sweep on what will be their excuse when the prediction fails.

My bet: They were there for everyone to see, but invisible.

<<off topic>>> Where were you when the black pudding thread was in full swing?

I was reading it. But I didn’t seem to have anything much worthwhile to say on the matter that wouldn’t have just been ‘I like black pudding’.

I like liver too - I browned some onions and bacon the other day, then added one of those little pots of chicken livers, fried until brown, then finished with brandy and some chopped fresh herbs. My taste buds thought they had died and gone to offal heaven.

They’re here. Didn’t you see the documentary “V” or the documentary “Buckaroo Banzai”? Jeesh.

Wait…you mean the buggers have arrived before they were due?

Never trust an alien is all I can say

She’s a little late.

Aliens have been arriving in the American desert for decades.

Wait wait wait… does this mean Dr. Who will be canceled, or that he’s going to take over for the newscasts?

Higher vibration of love? Bah. Whatever happened to the days when aliens were cold-blooded killing machines who wanted to enslave humanity? These aliens today just aren’t cutting it.

Why is it always a higher vibration of love, and never a higher vibration of bacon?

Who wants vibrating bacon? :dubious:

In flying saucers?

From Mexico?

Any kind of bacon. What’s wrong with you?

Well it would come in handy to put into the giant vibrators…with bacon salt of course

Well, I’m just a traditionalist, I suppose: I generally prefer my foodstuffs to be relatively stationary.

Plus, I imagine it might knock the mushrooms off the plate.

You know, if it happens, you all will be feeling pretty silly.

Yeah, those shrooms are wimpy bastards at best

I think I’ll take that chance. :wink:

Use the special kind of mushrooms for vibrating bacon. Easy solution.

Yes we will.

However if it does happen I’ll drive down there and fry you up some bacon and mushrooms personally, with your choice of innerds and/or outterds.

And a fresh pistachio merangue pie for dessert.

Bacon IS Love!