The Amazing Race 2/27


In which we ask the question:

Will The Cowboys catch up to everyone?

There will be a lot of depressed Dopers if they do not.

Go Colt(s), Go Jet(s). Sounds like an AFC Football game!

Thanks for reminding me there’s a new eppy despite the Oscars!

If the cowboys can’t figure out how to finish a task where x flags=x letters, I’m not optimistic about their chances. I don’t bear them any ill will but it would be kinda cool if they were knocked out first.

Oh god, I hope not!

Memory tells me that they came from behind a couple of times during their season…

Well, except it’s Cord.

My 8-year-old daughter will also be pretty depressed if they get knocked out (as will I).

Oops Not ‘Colt’ but ‘Cord’.

Thanks lorene.

As disappointing as it would be to see them leave, or the way the Globetrotters were eliminated in their season, if they can’t figure out this task then they don’t really deserve to stay in. I can’t figure out how they can decipher part of the message, but not get the whole thing. They got the part about the sailing club, right; how could they not figure out how to decode the pass phrase? It doesn’t seem like they’re doing it slowly, either, it seems like they don’t get it at all.

Kangaroo suits? Really, Amazing Producers? Although I love the goggles.

(The Cowboys are not the brightest team ever, but they are unfailingly polite and respectful and they never take their frustration out on each other. They are gentlemen.)

This episode should have been called “Son of a Buck.”

When Christina finally snaps, and bludgeons her father Ron to death with an antique jade Chinese Dragon statue, as long as at least one person on the jury has watched the Amazing Race, she will walk away a free woman.

Also, Miss Vyxsin sure has a pair of tig ol’ bitties, eh?

Sorry, I’m watching the Oscars – could someone spoiler who got eliminated?

Yep. I didn’t mind seeing the team that went go tonight, but I also wouldn’t have minded seeing Ron & Christina go, either. He’s still a dick. She’s still a doormat. They’re probably my least favorite team in this season.

Amanda & Kris

So so glad for my Cowboys! Sad for Kris & Amanda, but they were never more than fodder anyway. Just would have preferred a team I dislike to go first.

I had to step away for a couple minutes. When I left, it looked like Jet & Cord were gonna walk all the way to Melbourne looking for “to sail to stop”; when I came back, they were signing up for the second flight. How did they find it?

It was an entertaining leg, but did any part of it matter after ther first five minutes? Amanda & Kris got the U-Turn for being last to find the plane at the start. Then everybody raced all over Sydney but were bunched up again just before the Roadblock. So, lots of sound and fury, but signifying nothing.

Really, as bad as they were in Sydney, the Cowboys ought to be gone.

Off topic, but I’ve been invested in BHP (Broken Hill Proprietary) for ten years and it has made me so much money during that time that I might just take a trip there to view the mines. I bought it at around $10 a share and it is now approaching $100.

I liked the kangaroo suits - they should have let the locals throw boomerangs at the contestants while they ran, though.

First of all, I have to say I really like the clues this season. “Get ‘To Sail To Stop’”? that’s way better than “Find the big anchor directly in front of the Sydney Town Hall.” “Find the home of the Magpies”? Way better than “Go to Central Football Club stadium in Broken Hill.” A periodic table? Brilliant! I love seeing all the teams scrambling around trying to figure out what’s going on.

Second of all, when I saw the Detour options, I’m like, build a huge detailed sand and rock mosaic or… spit on your hand? How is this even a choice? And then every single team does the harder task. WTF? Was there something in the language of the clue that made people choose the mosaic?

Taxi Assessment:

Stuck in the Desert and Officially Detained - or, Philiminated with extreme prejudice.
Amanda & Kris (Season 14/8th place/4.50 average) (down from “Stopping”) Despite scoring a second place at the end of last week’s TBC leg, Amanda & Kris just couldn’t find the anchor at the town hall until the first flight was full. And that, essentially, doomed them. Had they gotten on the first flight, the half-hour lead would probably have bought them enough time to finish both parts of the Detour before, say, Ron & Christina. But they dropped into the second flight, didn’t really do all that well building the mosaic, and couldn’t quite catch up the rest of the way.

Flat Tire - or, not likely to get anywhere soon.
Mel & Mike (Season 14/6th place/3.57 average) (holding steady) Luckily for viewers, Mel’s muscle troubles have travelled southward from his groin to his calves. Unluckily for Mel & Mike, that’s going to preclude moving fast when necessary. Mike’s fears aside, I rather doubt Mel’s condition is literally deadly, but it probably kills this team’s chances of making it very far in the Race. Mel & Mike are smart and personable, which helps a lot in this season of somewhat-more-devious clues, so they might be in it for at least a few more legs. But they’ll be eliminated soon enough, I think.
Ron & Christina (Season 12/2nd place/3.45 average) (down from “Stopping”) Ron, it appears, isn’t wasting any time on that touchy-feely, not-being-an-asshole crap. Good thing, too, because had he wasted any of that precious time, Ron & Christina would have been eliminated. Eliminated, I tell you! Look, Ron’s the second-oldest person on this season, and obviously this team has some inter-team issues. Essentially the same was true when this team first Raced in season 12, and they did come in second, but there are two other second-place teams Racing this season, and neither has the issues that Ron & Christina do.

Stopping for Gas - or, not broken-down, exactly, but not a good sign.
Kent & Vyxsin (Season 12/5th place/3.63 average) (holding steady) We didn’t see that much from Kent & Vyxsin this episode, and what we did was mostly them stopping for directions, or not reading the clue and…gathering children. Perplexed children, I might add. Although Kynt did remember his periodic table, which was a plus. Not a terrible job, but nothing that shows they can win this Race, either.
Jaime & Cara (Season 14/2nd place/3.92 average) (down from “Rapido!”) We didn’t see that much from this team either, and what we did was pretty mediocre. I don’t see this team lasting that long, even discounting what looks to be high drama next episode.

"Rapido! Por Favor?" - or, making meaningless ineffectual comments from the back seat, but in no immediate danger.
Zev & Justin (Season 15/9th place/6.00 average) (up from “Stopping”) I admit I expected very little from Zev & Justin, but they pulled out into first place early in this leg and stayed ahead of all the other teams the rest of the way. In fact, if it hadn’t been for the medical emergency last episode, Zev & Justin would have been in first place essentially the *entire *Race so far. That’s far better than I expected this team to do, and I’m suspicious that they can hold the pace. We’ll see.
Gary & Mallory (Season 17/6th Place/4.63 average) (holding steady) “I’m just hoppy to be here.” Ha! I laughed, mostly because it was Mallory that said it. She’s just so damn enthusiastic, which can be an advantage or a disadvantage. Ron was kind of right when he pointed out that Mallory tends randomly carom around, sans-a-plan. But then Ron likes to stay in one place without a plan, and we see which team finished ahead of which other team. In any case, Gary & Mallory still have their express pass, and that can be a big advanage, if they can figure out when to use it.
Kisha & Jen (Season 14/4th place/4.27 average) (holding steady) Kisha & Jen are looking pretty good so far. They’ve been consistently out front since missing the QANTAS clue, and don’t seem to have had much of a problem with any task since. It might be time to bump them up a notch in the rankings, but I’ll wait until next week.

In the Passing Lane - or, ahead of the pack, but not quite comfortably.
Margie & Luke (Season 14/3rd place/2.75 average) (holding steady) Margie & Luke were almost in first place until a wardrobe malfunction forced them into the pack with six other teams. Despite their rather mediocre placement, I think they still have a better potential than most other teams.
Flight Time & Big Easy (Season 15/4th place/3.09 average) (holding steady) Flight Time & Big Easy rebounded (ha!) from being forced onto the second flight, jumping up into second place and beating not only all the other teams on their flight, but also overtaking five of the six teams on the first flight. That’s pretty impressive.
Jet & Cord (Season 16/2nd place/2.58 average) (up from “Rapido!”) Wow. A huge come-from-behind surge this episode rockets Jet & Cord from dead last up to third place. They were helped, of course, by first the TBC leg and then by the bunching on the flights, but note that they, like the Globetrotters, overtook five of the six teams on the first flight. Admittedly, they beat Kisha & Jen by only five seconds or so, but that’s still a huge comeback from a team that was in last place, literally hours behind. I’ve still cautiously got my money on this team, but as my wife pointed out, they don’t do great on puzzle-y tasks, as exemplified by the flag code that nearly eliminated them, and by finding the To Sail To Stop anchor. And, although it wasn’t completely clear, I suspect they stumbled onto the rest of the teams to find the mercury-bismuth cross-street. If the rest of the season has these kinds of clues, the cowboys might be in trouble.

Cruisin’ with Earl - or, drivin’ on the shoulder, takin’ shortcuts, and generally kickin’ butt.
No one.

[sub]Props to Mullinator and his Raj Rating[/sub]

Aye. I was saying to The Wife that Vyxsin should cover those puppies before they burn

Fully agree. Except she never will. She seems to so desperately crave his approval that she’ll put up with anything he does. Which is really sad.

I’d argue that Ron is the second-most abusive person to ever be on the show (Jonathon is the worst). The thing I can’t decide is if he’s crazy and mean or just stupid and mean.

I like the father/son team, but geez dad is a drama-queen (given his performance this episode combined with his constant carping last season about his dire ill health (“MY GROIN!!!”)). At least dad/son actually care about each other though. The obvious and real affection they have for each other throws Ron/Christina into sharp contrast and makes Dad/Son cool to watch–but still hyper-drama-filled.

Man–Cord and Jet still haven’t learned to Read The Fucking Clue. They can’t keep doing this–they’re smart, in great shape and don’t stop to RTFC. And it took 'em like 6 hours (based on the sun/sunset/moon montage) to figure out the anchor? In all that time, neither thought to ask someone to look it up for them? I like 'em, but they may be too dumb to root for.

Kent (I refuse to use the “y” spelling) really needs to turn down his “I’m so shrieky” setting about 80%. Vixen rocks, he’s not bad if he’d just chill (and Go Kent for figuring out mercury. I knew bismuth but I was stumped by mercury. Kudos. Also, apparently Kent learned from his big weakness last season (RIGHT COWBOYS?) and learned to drive a stick (from something I read somewhere). So again…dial back the spazzing and drop the “O we are SOOoooo very goth! Lookit th’ fuzzy kittehs” thing and this team would rock
So far, I’m rooting for Keisha/Jen, Flight Time/Big Easy and…maaaaybe Zev/Justin and maaaaaybe the Cowboys.

Also, what was up with the detour? The clue must have been written really weirdly because “Given the choice between two tasks” one with all pros and one with all cons, I know which one I’d choose, and none of the racers did.

I mean, spit paint at a board until you make an outline of two hands and two stencils or tediously and painstakingly carry thousands of pebbles across 50 feet or so and arrange those tiny little rocks in a 3 foot by 3 foot square in an incredibly precise pattern that has to be just right? Why in the world would that seem like the better option?

I’d love to see the clue for that.

That had me totally flummoxed too. When they showed both options, I told my husband “It’s faster to spit! What’s the matter with these people?”

Maybe it was follow-the-crowd mentality?

Or being so exhausted that the spitting option never occurred to any of them? Didn’t somebody’s voice-over say that they’d been racing, at that point, close to 24 hours or something like that?