Amazing Race 2/21/10

The cowboys (despite their insistance on wearing those mollyfocking cowboy costumes) are a bit more shrewd than the others gave them credit for…

My faith in them is vindicated.

I missed a minute or so after one of the commercials. The cowboys had just caught their connecting bus in Temuco, and two other teams had gone to the other terminal (and missed their bus) and back to the first terminal (and missed the comboys’ bus) and were told there were no more buses that day. Then I missed a bit, and those teams were on their way again. What happened?

“Oh, my gravy” is going into my vocabulary immediately.

And I don’t want to even know what a “llama adortion” is.

A later bus (it left at 1:30 AM).

So they were told “no more buses today”, then cut to commercial, then “but there’s one a little past midnight”?

I’m really crushing on the cowboys right now. Of course, with the llamas they had it easy, because the more people are there riling them up, the harder it’ll be for subsequent racers.


The Cowboys seem like intelligent, capable racers, and have the right attitude about the Race.

I don’t care for the lesbian couple, they seem to feel that they are somehow socially or intellectually above the other teams, which I certainly dont get.

The lawyers are doing fine, but as with the father/daughter team, we didn’t get see too much of them this week.

The cops don’t impress me as being in it for the long haul, their racing days are surely numbered.

The grandma/granddaughter were apparently both lovely ladies, and I think it’s great that they enjoyed the time that they had together. (and getting kicked by that damn cow would have freaked me out MUCH worse than what it seemed to bother grandma)

Team Brokeback kicked some serious ass today.

Can TAR have a new rule: No contestants over the age of 55? What a god-awful leg run by granny/grand-daughter. Team Serpico goes nearly 40 miles out of their way and still beats them to the finish line. What a waste of a team.

Well, technically, it WAS a new day…

I like how the models think Jeff & Jordan are smart. Ha!* Though it was definitely on the nose when they said the four of them think alike, evidenced a couple scenes later as both teams went straight for the bird challenge instead of the llamas.

Jordan, how many are in a baker’s dozen?


The lesbians are pretty distasteful. I’m now rooting for the models to finish every leg ahead of them just out of spite.

*EDIT: I just remembered that Jeff was the only one who had the original idea to take the transfer bus to get there faster. So I have to give him some smart props for that. The cowboys did it much more successfully, of course, but it wasn’t their idea. The random English-speaking passerby suggested it to them.

She really needs to not read out loud if she wants change her image.

And what about spelling “Jose” as “H-O-S-E”? Brilliant, just, brilliant…

In preparing the Taxi Assessment, I normally refer to the teams’ order of finish through the Race, to see if they’re trending up, trending down, and/or averaging ahead or behind the rest of the Racers. Interesting statistical trivia: this season (although only two legs in), there’s one team (Jet & Cord) with two top-three finishes and three teams with consistent, back-of-the-pack finishes (Jody & Shannon with two 10th places, Louie & Michael with two 9th places, and Dan & Jordan with two 8th places). All the other teams have exactly one top-four finish and one 5-7 finish apiece, which makes assessing the middle ranks something of a crapshoot.

Taxi Assessment: (Thumbnail Descriptions included to enhance your viewing experience)

Stuck in the Desert and Officially Detained - or, Philiminated with extreme prejudice.
Dana & Adrian (TD: Black couple) - Still eliminated.
Jody & Shannon (TD: Grandmother/granddaughter) (down from “Flat Tire”) - It was pretty clear for quite a while that Jody & Shannon were getting the swan song edit, especially when they showed Shannon talking about how much she enjoyed being on the Race, and Jody saying how close she was to her granddaughter. Louie & Michael gave them some competition, but in the end it’s Jody & Shannon on the mat being eliminated by Phil. And this isn’t surprising: they were in last place essentially for the entire leg, didn’t do anything to hoist themselves out of the rear, and just moseyed through the episode bleeding time. Older folk are really at a disadvantage on the Race, and if they get anywhere at all, they have to Race smarter than the other teams. This team didn’t.

Flat Tire - or, not likely to get anywhere soon.
Louie & Michael (TD: Mustachioed buddies) (down from “Rapido”) - Boy, has my assessment of Louie & Michael plummeted over the last couple episodes. They’re not complete dullards, but they’re the closest thing this season has to hapless morons. Well, maybe that’s a little harsh, but this team can’t afford to be making the kind of mistakes they’re making, as two ninth-place finishes in a row attest to. They’re lucky Jody & Shannon were slower and more complacent, but they won’t have that luxury next week.
Dan & Jordan (TD: Frat-boy-type brothers) (down from “Rapido!”) - This team has two eighth-place finishes under their belt. Everyone else still in the Race (save Louie & Michael, natch) has gotten at least a fourth. And there’s a reason for that: Dan & Jordan keep screwing things up, and their bickering isn’t helping. Look, this is the sixteenth seaon of the Race. Everyone knows you have to be able to drive a stick, and everyone knows you have to be able to navigate. This team didn’t do either well. Prediction: next episode is a race to the bottom between Louie & Michael and Dan & Jordan.

Stopping for Gas - or, not broken-down, exactly, but not a good sign.
Brent & Caite (TD: Dating models/ Miss Teen USA) (holding steady) - A fourth place finish this week for Brent & Caite, but one that’s primarily on the strength of tagging along with Jordan & Jeff (to find a better bus route) rather than thinking on their own. It’s still hard to seperate out these middle-of-the-pack teams, but of them all Brent & Caite are the least impressive.
Carol & Brandy (TD: Short-haired dating lesbians) (holding steady) - Yeah, second place, and Carol didn’t completely freak out when milking the cow like I expected her to, but this team just doesn’t look like they’re in it for the long haul. The prima donna slumming-it-with-hoi-polloi attitude is neither endearing nor helpful, and I expect this team will soon decide they’ve had enough of the slumming.

"Rapido! Por Favor?" - or, making meaningless ineffectual comments from the back seat, but in no immediate danger.
Steve & Allie (TD: Father/daughter) (holding steady) - Once more we don’t learn much at all about this team, other than their mediocre finish. On the strength of their lack of screentime, I suspect they will hang around for at least a couple more episodes, but they’re not showing anything that makes me think they’ll contend for final three. We’ll see.
Jordan & Jeff (TD: Big Brother dating couple) (holding steady) - OK, I admit it–I’m more impressed with this team than I thought I’d be. Or, rather, I’m impressed by Jeff; Jordan’s main contribution so far seems to be actually motating under her own power and not taking offense at light jokes made at her expense. Or maybe not understanding them. As an average, this doesn’t look like a very strong team, but Jeff just might have the brains and the brawn for them both. I almost moved this team up, despite their sixth-place finish, but the debacle taxi-ing back-and-forth between bus terminals means I’ll wait for next week.

In the Passing Lane - or, ahead of the pack, but not quite comfortably.
Monique & Shawne (TD: Black lawyer moms) (holding steady) - This is another team we didn’t see much of this episode, and they did slip down to fifth. However, they performed well in the llama task, and I’m still cautiously optimistic about their chances.
Joe & Heidi (TD: Asian couple) (up from “Rapido!”) - As expected, I’m bumping this team back up a notch. They ran a decent leg from start to finish, although I’m a bit disappointed at their complacency in grabbing the first direct bus and not looking for other options. Hopefully they’re also smart enough to drop their “alliance” with Carol & Brandy as soon as the latter team becomes a sea anchor.

Cruisin’ with Earl - or, drivin’ on the shoulder, takin’ shortcuts, and generally kickin’ butt.
Jet & Cord (TD: Cowboy brothers) (up from “Passing”) - This team was in first place the entire leg, and by a comfortable margin. Yes, their lead was in part due to some good luck (or, rather, lack of bad luck), but they were also smart enough to search out the best bus and good enough to take on the made-just-for-them Roadblock and Detour. I’m typically a little reluctant to elevate a team to “Cruisin’” status after only two episodes, but so far Jet & Cord look like the cream of this season’s crop. A poor showing next episode will drop them back, but they’re heading into it with a decent lead and a stress-free attitude.

[sub]Props to Mullinator and his Raj Ratings.[/sub]

While I’m still rooting for them, and I actually kind of like them, the cowboys are poseurs. What kinda sissy-pants cowboy wears a fucking cowboy-hat condom? Yer hat is there to do work, not to make you look pretty.

That said, damn–they’re rockin’–smart and hard workers. Plus they’re running their own race.

I loathe the lesbians and the asshole Asians (they aren’t assholes yet, but he described himself as like “outrageous” and “edgy”)–it’s not survivor you assholes–alliances should be mutually beneficial and very transitory. Plus, the snark on the beauty queen really is getting tacky.

Same with you queeny-gay brother. This show has featured some of the toughest gay people we’ve ever seen on TV (Kenny, the Guidos, Chip/Reichen, etc). Your mincing and prancing isn’t really honoring their work.

Black lawyers–I’m guessing they’ll be around forever as they’re getting no screentime.

Taskwise, this was a jump-the-shark moment. They’re in Chile: with a huge cultural heritige and history and the best they can come up with is put a scarf on a llama or jump off a pier wearing a bird costume? LAME. Super-duper ultra-lame.

I was actually embarassed for the contestants.

Bad episode

They also painted the historic (or whatever) houses last week and did the zipline thing. Maybe two weeks in Chile was too much.

I’m not a runner.
Can you carry my pack?
I’m a walker.


I wonder if the producers have got property or “friendly” relations with the local government down there in the Lake District of Chile. They visited the same area in Amazing Race 11 (All Stars). It is a pretty place though.

My parents accidentally spoiled the episode for me last night…luckily it was no surprise who was going home. :slight_smile:

We were disappointed that no one screwed up the “baker’s dozen” direction in the collecting ingredients task. I bet the producers were too.

Me, too! I was positive someone would say, “What’s a baker’s dozen?”

Go cowboys! (Notice that does NOT start with a capital S. I’m not rooting for those other Cowboys up in Dallas.)

Jeff did. But I think he was joking. In any case, he didn’t screw up the number of eggs, apparently.

I knew it was one-away from a regular dozen, but I wasn’t certain if it was 11 or 13. I would have guessed right.[sup]*[/sup]

Did everyone have to carry all the ingredients at the same time? It looked like quite a handful. On previous lift-and-carry tasks, wasn’t there always some way to stash things at the end and go back for more?

  • The really clever way would be to gather 13 eggs, and carry them in a pocket. When you get to the woman in the kitchen, give her one egg at a time, and if she’s satisfied after the 11th egg, take the clue and run.