The Amazing Race 3/18 - "You Need To Watch Your Jokes, Guy"

Leg 5 tonight. According to last week’s previews, Eric annoys Joe & Bill.

According to the talk here, Charla & Mirna shouldn’t last too much longer. They haven’t done better than 7th in four legs, and every other team has finished a leg in fourth place or better at least once.

The exact air time of the episode, as always, depends on whether (and how badly) the sports events run over schedule.

It’s 7:20 here and basketball’s still on, so I’m guessing at LEAST 1/2 hour off for East Coast.

Freaking basketball. If I wasn’t winning the pool at work right now, I’d be torqued. I hate it when March Madness screws up my reality schedule. Grumblecakes.

Basketball is still showing, with 1:29 left in the final game. It’s not a close game, though, so it shouldn’t be too much longer.

Edited: That was fast. The game is over. I don’t know how long they’ll talk before starting 60 Minutes.

The episode is now almost over. I know more or less the order they finished the leg.

Given that everyone else was whining about the episode starting late–which it certainly did, I hate to be the first one to post actual information about the episode. So, I guess I’ll use a spoiler box.

For whatever reason, Charla and Mirna really annoyed me last week, but seemed to work together pretty well this episode. Add in a good choice for the Detour, and they achieved their first ever first. Way to go! Sorry those of you who can’t stand them.

Like the roadblock–big rats on cute little harnesses.

Wow, was the choice of detours important. Those who chose wisely finished FAST.

A NEL. Poor Uchenna and Joyce. Better luck next week.

Eric’s comment about the Guidos at the end was uncalled for and pretty much par for the course that I remember from his season. During the run for the mat, I was thinking, “Not bad for a couple of old guys, huh?” Then that nasty comment…which, I might add, was inaccurate. Yes, Danielle was beaten by “a couple of queens”. But so was ERIC!

*not a spoiler since it didn’t affect who came in either first or last anyway…

I agree with Eureka’s spoiler-protected commentary. This was the most dramatic time (while I’ve been watching) that such a choice was that important.

I also noted that navigation was a very important thing in this episode; going into the city, there turned out to be a right and a wrong choice. People gained or lost a lot of time depending on the choice they made.

I want to see more of that – more cases where a team’s choices can make or break the leg.

From next week’s previews: Somebody gets thrown off a plane! Given how vital plane schedules are, that could eliminate them, hmmm?

I about fell off the couch laughing at Phil being chased around by Oswald and Danny.

What I love about the time change: I can watch it at 6 on CBS, and then watch it again at 7 on CTV!


jayjay, Eric’s last comment at the end struck me too as uncalled for. Suddenly he sounds like a jerk. What’s the chance that Danielle dumps Eric on the mat (a la Sarah throwing over Peter) at some point?

I’d say there’s no way to tell. I don’t see them as being all THAT in love in the first place, but the Double D’s seemed awfully shallow and vapid in the first place, so I doubt any great homophilia-inspired outrage will tip her over the edge. Massive Killer Fatigue and Eric’s natural inability to actually empathize with another human being is more likely to end it.

Yes, he most certainly was – and can I just say that, if it were not completely against the rules, I would love it if Eric was actually beaten up by a couple of queens, too? Not to mention that Eric & Danielle also lost to Danny & Oswald – on almost every other leg of the Race. Why are the Guidos Eric’s Enemy #1?

Is it just me, or does anyone else get the impression that Danny & Oswald are Phil’s favorite team, too? That whole Benny Hill bit was as awesome as the Broken Ox incident, but in a different way, obviously. And could someone please translate what Oswald said to Phil on the mat: “We’re here to win, not just … (garbled)”?

I think he said that they were there to win, not just sissyfoot. Which, if true, is so damn cute I’m thinking of moving to Miami to stalk Oswald…

Oh, and Oswald’s line to the rat (“We’ll set you free and take you to a nice lab where they can apply make-up to you”) had me on the floor. Why do Rob and Amber get their own reality network but not these two? Why, Universe, why?!

:rolleyes: Bite your tongue.
I cannot believe they finished first.

But I also think a lot of it was dumb luck - they took the easier Detour. They are not in this for long.

There seem to have been several legs where there was a dramatic disparity between the tasks, and this clearly was one. Sure, there is some skill in picking the right task, but the difference between these two was almost unfair.

I’m not sure that Eric was particularly out of line, although I didn’t entirely catch what he said - something about them looking like old ladies? Team Guido are nasty little turds. “You need to watch your jokes, guy?” WTF?

“They just want to make us look like the bad guys.” No, I think you do just fine on your own.

I do like Danny and Oswald more each episode, and Phil seems to have a lot of fun with them. The running around was great, but it seemed like they took a little offense at his comment that he thought they would go for the fingernail painting.

Charla and Mirna were cracking me up with their mangled English. I could hardly understand what they were saying. Was Mirna telling everyone “grazie”? Do they speak Italian in Mozambique?

I chuckled a little at Uchenna talking about coming home when heading to Mozambique because his father was from Nigeria. Man, Anchorage, Alaska is closer to Tijuana, Mexico than Nigeria is to Mozambique.

Suddenly? Where were you when he was on the first time? As far as his little gay barbs go, it’s important once again to note who it was who was photographed half-naked with his “roommate” and two dirty filthy hippies. Let he who is without gay sin take out the first nipple ring, Eric.

I am so rooting for Oswald and Danny. Oswald and Danny make me wish I was cool enough to be their friend. Chasing down Phil was one of the top three funniest moments in the history of the Race (“My ox is BROKEN!” being number one and the third of the top three to be named later). And Danny’s World AIDS Day comment was one of the sweetest. I don’t think they took offense at Phil’s comment about not choosing the manicure Detour. I was shocked as hell they didn’t take it too, because one or the other has commented about their manicure in pretty much every episode. I’d have taken Pamper, ntohing to do with my sexuality and everything to do with filling and hauling ginormous bags of damn coal around in the middle of Africa which, even in December, I imagine must be on the warm side. No idea what the going rate is for manicures in Mozambique but it had to be faster and easier than hauling coal.

I hate Schmirna so damn much. I can’t stand the sound of their voices, especially Mirna. I want to reach through my TV and punch her in the throat. What the fuck is with the accents she puts on at random intervals?

Best line from this episode (Danny and Oswald, after the coal-carrying) “You look like a faggy raccoon!”

Hope Uchenna and Joyce get their acts together next week.

Not dumb luck at all. They asked for help and got it. I was furious at Joyce and Uchenna for not asking for help. Most times asking the locals for directions works out well - unless ‘the locals’ is a taxi driver. But kids on foot have accompanied plenty of racers to the correct destinations so I’m thinking it’s a bad plan to try to go it alone when there are folks around.

I think C & M are picking up their game and the others are going to have to wise up, too. I loved the blondies needing a clue moment. :smiley:

I agree. Not to pick on BiblioCat, because I think nearly all of us are guilty of this at some point or another, but it’s not fair to call it smart racing when it’s a team you like and dumb luck when it’s a team you don’t. It would have been just plain stupid for them to choose the option that required hauling a 45-pound bag of shit around, and the fact that they had a guide is nothing new on this race.

I’m coming too. Because I love these guys, and I know they would be so awesome to hang around with. Gracious, friendly, devilishly funny … I wonder if they need a maid?

I thought the Detour choices were interesting this week as well. We all know that the voiceovers we hear from Phil are different from what the clues actually say, but I wonder if it made any mention in the clue that it is usually men in Mozambique who paint fingernails?

Also, did those who chose “Porter” end up delivering their coal to houses all on the same street?