The American-Canadian International Relations Thread

Prompted by this thread from last year.

This thread is intended for good-natured ribbing in both directions. My Fellow Americans: What amuses you about Canadians? Canadians: What amuses you about us? I suppose the conversation may become serious at some point, but let’s start with foibles.

Since the Great Milk Kerfluffle of last year, it amuses me to see Canadians with two dozen gallons of milk in their shopping carts.

It amuses me that Canadians never use the left turn lane at the gas station where I get off the freeway.

It amuses me (well, annoys me; but anyway…) that most of them drive so slow.

It amuses me that some Canadians add an extra syllable to ‘film’ ==> ‘fillum’.

Well, at least we aren’t always trying to axe people questions. :stuck_out_tongue:

That will be standard English by the year 3000.

Canadians are cool. Although Washington is sandwiched between that other nation of pokey drivers, Oregon, so they don’t get much recourse.

Relations with Canada are at an all time low since 2009, when Canada unleashed the plague “Bieber fever.” Canada apologized and is “sorey” now though.

Here’s mine:

Person 1: Thank you!
Canadian’s reply: You’re welcome!


Person 1: Thank you!
American’s reply (or at least New Yorker’s reply): Uh huh.

Drives me nuts!

(But in general I have found New Yorkers to be incredibly welcoming and friendly - completely the opposite of the reputation they have.)

I went to school in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and college kids used to take off on the weekend, and drive across the Ambassador bridge to Windsor so they could drink legally. I was never a a big drinker myself, but I always found that amusing.

Also I broke my toe in a hot tub on a 4th grade trip to Toronto. Thanks, Toronto.

I remember that certain stores in Michigan accepted Canadian money, at least when I was a kid. Quarters were basically interchangeable. I thought that was normal until I travelled to other states in the U.S. Michigan’s practically Canada anyway, eh?

D18 - I agree on New Yorkers. I really like New Yorkers, as a general rule.

I got pitted over Canada once, so fuck 'em all.


Why? (The pitting, I mean.)

I referenced Canadia instead of Canada and some Canuck lost their shit.

(America - American. Canada - Canadan? No. Canadian. Therefore the country should be Canadia.)

Should we even get into the fact that the country is not America, but the United States of the (continent) America? :smiley:

I like Canadians until the last week of November when half of Ontario comes over the bridge and clogs up the roads and parking lots.

When I was going into Canada as a kid, the customs lady asked me what country I was from, and I said ‘‘America.’’ She gave me a withering look. So I said, ‘‘North America.’’ I looked to be much older than I actually was so she thought I was being a smart-ass.

Is that where the other half goes? I’ve always wondered, since I figured they can’t ALL be in South Florida for the winter.
*some of my best friends are Canadian. I’m happy to have them here. Just not the traffic, at times.

Are the Canadians too polite to poke fun at us?

I doubt it. They are probably just rounding up resources before they do a sneak attack en masse (remember the time when they burned down the White House?).

I always say that Canadians are the greatest security threat to the U.S. bar none. They look and act almost exactly like regular people and they blend in extremely well. You could have a group of Canadian spies hiding in plain sight right next to you and you wouldn’t ever know unless they slip up and made some weird reference that a normal person would never make. They try to lull us into a false sense of complacency and solidarity until hello, there goes D.C. again. Wait, I think I see one walking down the street right now. I will be right back.

Your money, as my 15 year old daughter pointed out to me today, could be counterfeited by anyone with a photocopier, or perhaps a green pencil crayon, and it really is the most boring money on the planet.

You’re not all fat, loud and obnoxious, but it is listed as a prerequisite on your passport application.

How can I forget? They keep bringing it up every chance they get!


You racist bastard!

Got it covered!

Whenever we talk about immigration and border control in my American Government classes, I always reference “the crazed Canadian hordes poised to pour across the border at the drop of a tuque.”


Trivial, but when are Americans going to realize you can put a lot more than just ketchup on your French fries ?

I remember vacationing Virginia, asking for vinegar for my fries. The lovely waitress brought malt vinegar. No the vinegar you clean stuff with, the white vinegar, have any ?

No, y’all from Canada ?

Malt vinegar is good too. In fact, Newfoundlanders seem to prefer it (I have co-workers who order bottles of the stuff from Ches’s whenever someone goes back home.