The American Coup Fallout thread

Because real men don’t drink tea.

As in Harlow.

The 1/6 committee will be meeting tomorrow, and several Capitol police officers will testify. And MTG and Boebert are going to have a press conference outside the Capitol complaining about how the imprisoned insurrectionists are being treated.

Nev-Ada, Ne-vAH-da.

MA-ga, Mah-gah

Katakana would be the second.

Is this the thread where we’re going to discuss the Democrats’ hearings on the riot peaceful love-in of Jan 6?

I listened to the testimony of Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn on the way in to work this morning. I’m still sickened. He talked about people trying to gouge out his eyes and to spray him in the face with wasp spray. He always referred to the rioters as terrorists, and not as protesters.

Testimony from four Capitol Police Officers so far. It is indeed sickening.

I keep waiting for the McCarthyesqe “have you left no sense of decency” turning point moment that will discredit trump and trumpism once and for all time, which I thought had arrived in the aftermath of the Jan. 6 riot itself. But no, Repubs began the trumpism whitewash soon after.

Could these hearings be the final nail in the coffin for the political viability of trump and trumpism?

probably not…

No, they could not.

While we’re nailing the lid on, they’ve already burrowed through the bottom of the coffin. Because there is no depth they will not go to.

A little history lesson on just how there is no depth they will not go to,

No, the insurrectionist party will find a rationalization for what they did and also to discredit the people who want to describe the truth of what happened not only on that day but in the 90 days leading up to that moment.

The election was stolen. We were try to stop it from being stolen. And these are obviously pro-union Democrat cops, so of course they’re lying about us

I’m supposed to be working, but Officer Fanone’s testimony is riveting.

i can not imagine how the questioning would have gone with jordan on the committee. well done, ms pelosi, keeping jordan and banks off the committe.

Agreed - absolutely the right call to remove the clowns from the committee. The only downside is that this will be used as a pretext for removing democrats from future committees when the GOP regains control of either chamber - and they will.

I’d be interested in more play-by-play, if anyone is so inclined.

Not sure, this might have finally led to a “Have you no shame?” moment.

I just listened to some of it on the radio in the car. Dear God, those police officers were appropriately in fear of their lives. They had no reason not to be.

I wonder if the committee is going to subpoena (does a committee issue subpoenas or just requests?) some of the Republicans who ran from the rioters love-bunnies and hid in their offices and behind their desks? I’m guessing there are no real consequences for refusing to testify, but I’d sure like to see some of them questioned about whether they were afraid. Especially if the testimony can be paired with video of them cowering under their desks peeing in their pants.

Nah, they’ll mock the committee and refuse to testify. 'Cause Unca Mitch, Unca Kevin, and Unca Donnie be sooooo mad!