The American Music Awards

So far, I vote for Los Lonely Boys as the best group of the millineum…

Whoa! Annie Lennox and the Eurythmics! They sound great!

Out of interest, excluding The Grammys (which are by no means an absolute litmus test regarding music quality) but just how many Music Awards Shows are there nowadays? Seems like there’s a major Awards show every month from somewhere in the world these days.

I know! Wish they would have had more time…

“Hi, my name is Lindsay Lohan, and I’m here to make Ashlee Simpson seem talented and interesting…”

I just never got too interested in them. At one time I was a big Los Lobos fan and LLB came off as a bubblegum version when I heard that first song. Frankly I never gave them another chance.

Am I wrong? Don’t pit me ! :eek:

The Grammys are voted on by the academy and the American Music Awards are voted on by the people (I’ve never been asked, though!). The AMAs have been on since the early 70s, so I don’t lump them in with all of the other the award shows that seem to have come about in the last 7 or 8 years.