The Ancient Art of Curmudgeonhood?

My coworkers and I were just discussing the advance of technology, and the following words just issued from my lips.
[ul]Spoken in a loud, angry voice:
“You young kids have it easy with your paper! When I was a kid, we didn’t even HAVE paper! All we had was clay! If you wanted to write something down, you had to walk ten miles to the riverbank and dig your own clay, then find a reed to write on it with! And then if you wanted to keep it for more than a day or two you had to go bake it in a fire!”

"Wimps!"[/ul]What other tirades against the advance of technology can you think of?


The other day, I was showing a teenage co-worker how to figure a final price after sales tax and two discounts. Without a calculator.

The co-worker was impressed.