The Andy Milonakis Show

Hot. Cold. Mustard. And he seemed so happy covered in mustard.

Wow… just wow.

From the promos, it actually looked kinda promising - in a Tom-Green-so-annoying-that-I’m-not sorta way. But then I started watching it and could only stand about 3 minutes of the kid. It struck me as just plain stupid.

I wasn’t expecting too much, but I actually thought the show was pretty funny. Between Lil Jon spitting fruity pebbles on the kid and the “schmoopywuuubiedooobiemooobie” dog bit, I laughed quite a bit.

I’ll watch it again but wouldn’t be surprised if it ran out of funny by the end of the next episode.

How the heck does someone like that get their own show on MTV? I would really love to know. I saw about 5 minutes of it and just thought it was stupid and really quite moronic. My friends do dumb things too, but it’s funny when they do them. Can we get our own show?

I didn’t watch the show, but I have seen a couple promos. Isn’t this the “Angry Naked Pat Ice Cream Fantastic” kid?

I watched it, and I was really impressed with certain parts of it. Other parts of it were weak and stupid, but the funny parts were very funny. The opening credits rap is genius (“Don’t call me a Lee head”), and the mustard scene cracked me up. I also thought the rap he did after being blessed by the rap fairy was hilarious.
So, there was a lot of crap on his show, but certain bits were pure gold. The kid has definite promise.

IDMB says that the kid is actually 29. Have I been whooshed?

I, too, think that the show can be a bit funny (especially the opening rap, which is actually quite clever and catchy and stays in my head for a good part of the day), but it really doesn’t do it for me as a whole. I think I can come up with just as many random things.

I heard he is 29 and has one of those Gay Coleman, Webster type ailments where he looks like a child. I don’t know why, but I dig his humor. But the first episode was much better than the last few. The opening rap, however, is pure gold.
A few choice lyrics:

Other than his mildly amusing “man on the street” shtick where he goes around talking to strangers walking by as if he’s grown up with them, I can’t believe that show even exists.

And others may love the opening credit theme rap (“I have peas on my head, but don’t call me a pea-head/I have bees on my head, but don’t call me a bee-head,” etc.) but I thought it was quite possibly the stupidest thing I’d ever seen; it’s so awful that I have a violent knee-jerk-change-the-channel reaction just watching the commercials for it.


When this show first aired I thought “Where have I seen this kid before?”

It was actually in one of those dumb video clips that makes the rounds on the internet not unlike the star-wars kid or the kid lip-syncing techno.

See chocolate water

I saw this sometime early spring.

I think there’s some terrific stuff on this show. The moment when he handed a surly New Yorker a smiley-face balloon and said “I have no soul,” and the New Yorker growled back “Neither do I,” was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.