The Anonymous Message Server

The Anonymous Message Server
I was aimlessly surfing on the Net when I saw this site again… here’s the previous thread I started on the subject.

Post what you left, and what you got back! It’s amusing fun! :smiley:
I left “I wish they’d understand…” and got back:

Maybe this means that S will call me tomorrow, because I’ve been disappointed in him the last couple of weeks… I can only hope, and expect not to get a phone call. :wink:

What I posted (wording not exact, as I forgot to copy the text before I hit the button):

The message I received from the previous poster (copied directly):

I then entered the URL for this site and got this link in return.

Hey, I recognize the text of Sternvogel’s message! :slight_smile:

(I didn’t send that, but I know who did…)

I got

Neato :slight_smile:


I got a reply-to-someones-reply, apparently.

I’ll keep that in mind.

I got back:

How do I avoid getting my own message back? There seems to be no control over that.

And I resent the blue implication that it is my own fault.

I wrote: Yield to Pedestrians in Crosswalk

I got back:

So I guess those three pedestrians I hit ain’t gonna forgive me?


I sent:
"As I was following my dog up the stairs he let left some wind which may a “bee” line for my nostrils and mouth. Normally this wouldn’t bother me as I’d be past the cloud in only a second. But today he just stopped right there in the middle of the steps. Now this dog goes 120 pounds and getting around him in a narrow staircase is no easy task.

Now do you suppose that he stopped so that I would get the full affect of his emittance? I mean he is a male and all…"

I got back:
\Amel"iorate, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Ameliorated; p. pr. & vb. n. Ameliorating.] [L. ad + meliorare to make better: cf. F. am['e]liorer. See Meliorate.] To make better; to improve; to meliorate.”

I just feel as if I didn’t get back what I put into it. I think the previous poster should ameliorate his/her posts.

okay I lied. I actually learned a new word today. hey, did I use it correctly?

It said to me:

I said something about going to Subway and would you like my cookie.

It said:

So is that a yes or a no? :confused:

I quoted some Hawaii-type song lyrics. Got this:

So thanks, tick! I WOULD like that cookie.

Well, you can come and get it. It’s raining outside! :stuck_out_tongue:

I got

Sorry guys, I win. I got:

“Roxell Roxell Bowshot” has come up in several SDMB messages. I believe it was Mangetout who found the phrase scrawled on a piece of paper and has been puzzled by it ever since.

I just wrote a paragraph which referred to a recent SDMB post. I won’t quote the text, but will admit to authorship if anyone receives my message. I got back a sentence in Spanish

which literally translates to “The mechanic put me.” Maybe there’s an idiomatic meaning (“the mechanic laid me”?) I didn’t learn in Spanish class.

I wrote:

Red Sox in 7. The curse is broken. Silence the Yankee infidels.

I got back:

I got:

And I don’t even like baseball.