The Aristocrats - is it as funny as it looks like it might be?

Was cruising’s trailers page, and came across the trailer for The Aristocrats. Seemed interesting, so went to the film’s website..

Some seriously raving reviews there.

Has anyone been lucky enough to see it? If so…how was it?

err, I mean rave reviews. Though the term raving may apply to some of the reviewers, who knows.

If you have a high tolerance for gross jokes and incredibly bad taste (in every sense of the word), you’d probably like it.

If you are offended by such things, you’ll hate it.

(For the record, I’d be interested in seeing it, but I know my wife would refuse.)

It’s opening here in mid-August. I can’t wait to see it!

I’ve seen it. The first fifteen minutes are hilariously funny–I tend towards prudish, but I couldn’t help myself from almost falling off my seat laughing. After those first ten minutes, though, someone or other (mostly George Carlin, though) has thought of every possible gross thing that can be included in the joke, and the shock/humor value wears off. After that, there are a few interesting twists on the joke, but it’s same-old same-old.

Big take away message: there are only so many orifices to s*** into.

I do think it’s worth seeing, though.

Oh, I thought you meant the Aristocats.

I was going to come in here and say Disney has made one of the kitties kind of offensively Chinese, but that’s the norm for them.

I guess I’ll be quiet now.

FYI, here’s a clip of Cartman from South Park telling the joke.

It is of course offensive and sick.

Am I a bad person if…well…I laughed my ass off at that?

Aren’t you all going to shower me with attention because I’ve seen it?

(sticks out lower lip and walks away)

Well, I would, but a court order will not allow me to shower anyone with anything unless I can do it from 500 feet away.

I also thought it was funny, particularly the look of horror on the other boys’ faces as Cartman told the joke.

Don’t worry…I thought the same thing. I was getting ready to start singing “Everybody wants to be a cat”.

Back to the OP, if it has Penn and Teller in it, I will be in line.

I sniggered loudly at the last line: “Neither do I.” :smiley: