The Atomic Badger Racing Thread

No, this is not a discussion on how to race atomic badgers, or whatever the phrase might signify.

It’s a reference to Mangetout’s (far-too-) oft-expressed desire that somebody register under the name of Atomic Badger Racing.

What I propose is to come up with interesting and unique names for new Dopers to consider using when they register.

I’ve always wanted someone to register as

Deacon Jess Tant

I think we need a Drosophila melanogaster – if it turns out to be a woman with interests in biology and a friendship for gay men, so much the better!

Zeuglodon would be nice.

Anna Rexic deserves our pity, as does G. J. Jehoshaphat.

Frére Jock would be worthwhile, if he weren’t always sleeping instead of posting.

What can you come up with?

Elastic Moral Standards.
Seaman Samples
Do Not Write In This Box

BTW I think Atomic Badger Racing is a terrible suggestion and I can’t imagine why you keep mentioning it. :wink:

We Have To Be Sure About This
Here Be Dragons
Oh No!

Big Girl’s Trousers
Chained Mason
Freud’s Phallacy (a friend for Darwin’s Finch)
The Pineal Gland
Automatically Parse Gurls

BTW, as a newbie, could I take this opportunity to nominate
Enola Straight as the best name on this board?

Now I look at it, I think Freud’s Phallus would have been better

Voltairic Technology–for French Philosophy & Electrical Engineering.

Just a Cigar (in the spirit of Freud’s Phallus)

Is Chicken of Bristol available again? I think someone registered with it, but I have not seen anything in a very long time.

For Simpsons fans:
Amanda Hugankis

Seymour Butts
Willy Maket
Betty Dont
Manny Fold
Ray D. Ator
Axel Rodd
Mike Hunt
Queen for a day
Click Here
Don’t Click Here
Grrr Bite Sting

Macaroni Experiment (wireless pasta)
Retarded Timing
Better Nate than Lever
Chipmunks of Fortune
Shaken not Stirred
I was really disappointed that this thread had nothing to do with Racing of Atomic Badgers :frowning:

Caesar Salad–cooking & Roman History.

Atomic Badger Racing


Strained Andromeda
Space Goggles

Spurious Litigation

Nuclear Stoat Breeder ?

Very Little Gravitas

Pinkle Squirmy

Fleshy Spartan


Nervous Energy

It was like that when I got here




Is it in yet?

Fish slapper

Bubanga the Chicken Pounder (sure I’ve seen this one somewhere)



Who (as in "Who started that thread? - Yes, he did. - Who did? - That’s right…)

Miss Understood

i know of a Caesar Salad in a RP venue…his character is an anthropomorphic carrot with ambitions to be emperor of the domain. mean little bastard.

**Divine PUNishment


Al E. Gory

Blitzkrieg Bop ** (no, i’m not a fan…i just think it sounds cool)


Mark Down

Final Markdown

Give Peas a Chance**

yes, officer…i’ll go quietly now.