The baby walked on Christmas!

Not that I consider this mundane or pointless…

The baby took his first steps on Christmas morning! In front of the family, Grandpa hade the video camera out, the whole nine yards! I damn near cried. And by the end of the day, he was really going all out, going 10 feet or more before he had to suddenly sit down.

It was so cool! We had been waiting for a while (he is 14 months old), but in this as in everything else, he did it in his time, not ours or some book’s. He seems to get everything fixed in his head before he tries it.

Yes, he’s our first, how could you possibly tell?

Woohoo! Congrats!

I’m still waiting on my 15-month-old to walk more than a few steps on his own. He can do it, but I think he just doesn’t quite feel like it yet.

Babies do stuff when they’re darn good & ready. I know my son will let go of the furniture someday! :smiley:

I was smoking on the back porch at home today when my 2 year old nephew walked out to join me. (not to smoke :D) (He has had extensive hearing problems and had recently had surgury which improved it.) He walked up to me and picked up my “childproof” lighter on the table and said to me semi-clearly “My mommy has one of these.” His first sentence I had ever heard and it MADE SENSE!!! It was great. Until he broke my candle holder that I got for my wedding.

Cool, tuba! I assume that his speech will improve now that his surgery was successful.

Man, to think that it was just yesterday that this kid was small enough to almost fit in my hands, and now he’s running! He is almost ready to talk too. We get “mamamamama” now, and something that we try & convince ourselves is “daddy”, but that’s it. No, wait, he also will say “yeah” and nod his head in answer to questions! Like, “are you hungry” or “do you want a cookie?”

Now THAT is cool!

Aren’t these wonderful times for you? My son was so happy when he learned how to walk: Big grin, arms held up by his head, and away we go!

Just wait until he says “wuv you” for the first time. My kiddo did that just as I was putting him to bed one night. He probably wondered about the duration of the hug that followed.

He fell asleep in my arms that night, in the rocking chair in his bedroom.


That’s wonderful!

My oldest walked at 14 months, my middle walked at 15 months, and my youngest, who will be three on the 5th doesn’t walk yet, because she had a stroke before she was born. She scootches around on her bottom. However, she will walk eventually - it will be her timetable, just like everyone else.

BTW, my sister-in-law has four children and all frou walked by 9 months…yikes!

Heh. Wait until he’s taller than you are and has these huge arm and shoulder and back muscles, even though he doesn’t lift weights. Now THAT’S spooky. “Where did THOSE come from? I gave birth to this?”

Oh, also? Just to let you know, in about 11 years he will shortly regress to speaking in grunts, so enjoy the communications skills while they last.

Ah, teenagers, gotta love 'em…

Your youngest sounds like my neice. She also had a stroke before birth. She will be 2 on the 17th of January. She isn’t walking yet either but has been doing the bottom scootch thing for about nine months.

She is just starting to try to pull herself up on the tables. She gets about half way up and falls down. It is hard when she can only use one hand well. When she is strong enough to stand on her own they can fit her with a leg brace to help her walk.

Dammit Rysdad, making me teary first thing in the morning!

Rally Vincent, sounds like she’s getting around just fine. Zack did a funny schooch-crawl, kind of a one-legged thing. Crawled with one leg, dragged the other one kind of diagonally. If you can picture it, the dragging leg was always ready when he was ready to sit up, just popped back up. He crawled normally too, but not as much.

As for the whole teenage thing, I will never be ready. I was a terrible teenager, so was hubby, and the karmic revenge is coming.

conga-rats EJ!!
(although, I must confess that When I first saw the thread, it was going to be about Japanese Monster Movies… forgive me, my cough medicine is starting to kick in… )

(And I was concerned that Christmas was the dog or a sibling.)

yes, that sounds about right, only she just NOW is starting to attempt to pull herself up, and yes, it’s tough with just using one side. On the other hand, she figured out how to open a package of gum, extract a stick and unwrap it using one hand - something I don’t think I could do.

and I know what you mean about thinking about kids becoming teenagers…it’s a scary thought! but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.