The Backyard Coaster!

Check it out, this guy built a working, mini rollercoaster in his backyard out of scraps of metal he acquired from his job! “The Blue Flash” has a working lift hill, a loop(!), a nice little airtime bunny hop, and a helix!

How cool is that?!! I really like how he built the “train” out of an old car seat!


I want one!


Also anyone can ride it! Just give John a call and drop by. No charge either. :slight_smile:

From the website:

After checking out all the pictures, I tried to imagine what it would be like to have taken the first test ride. No thanks… Much as I love roller coasters, ain’t no way I’d get on a homemade contraption.

And offering to let anyone ride? Sure hope he has good liability insurance… [sub]how sad that I even thought of that[/sub]

We should contact him and invite him to be a Doper. Then we could have DopeFests at his house!

Well he says that it hasn’t crashed…yet. :wink:

His sign-in sheet also acts as a waiver. Smart guy. :wink:

Next time I am in Indiana, you better believe I am going to ride it! It will make for an interesting coaster to add to my overall ‘coaster count’. LOL!


Here is an article about John Ivers and his coaster in the Indianapolis Star.


Which Doper lives closest to Bruceville, Indiana?

If you can lend me a floor, I will pay you for the privelege of my visit AND bring you a) Beer; b) Chocolate; c) Cook for you.