The Bad Astronomer makes a speech.

We’re proud of you Phil, and happy that you take the time to be active on the SDMB. All you Dopers, go buy his book Bad Astronomy.

Already did, and it’s a thoroughly good read. And even an arts graduate like me can understand it.

Speaking of Phil, I just got his book. I haven’t started it yet, mainly because I’m reading Sagan’s Demon Haunted World.

I’ve read his book and I plan to pass it to my Perfect Child[sup]TM[/sup] - in fact, I may buy her a copy of her very own. (She’s looking towards a career combining engineering and space studies.) Anyway, Mr. Carroll is right - Phil’s an excellent writer!

Oh crap. Talk about a hard act to follow. Sagan wrote a number of excellent books, and Demon is the best of them!

Anyway, thanks folks. I am hoping to write up my thoughts on the Amazing Meeting this weekend and post them to my site. It was, well, amazing.

Actually I have flipped through your book, read the odd paragraph or two and found it to be very ensnaring and well written. I have made the internal statement to myself that I will finish Sagan’s book before I venture into another book (I want to finish Sagan’s book this week!!). The reason for my desire is because I’ve had Sagan’s book for a few months now and I’ve always meant to read it, but I’ve always gotten side tracked.
Okay, now I’m just rambling…

Done! Thanks for posting the link - I remember TBA mentioning it’s upcoming publication, but missed the announcement when it became available (hey, life’s been a little bit of a bitch lately). It should be on it’s way tomorrow!

Boy, I’ve got an incredible stack of books to read through (I’ve already done Carl Sagan - quite some time ago). Let’s see - Science and Pseudoscience in Clinical Psychology (just published about a month ago); waiting on Dr. William Glasser’s latest, Psychiatry Can Be Hazardous to Your Health* (coming out in March); a fairly large stack of Richard Feynman’s books; a similar stack of Richard Dawkin’s books; a Dean Koontz and a John Grisham; and a stack of Nature and American Scientist magazines that will take forever to work through.

I wonder if it’s possible for my brain to explode?