The Bad Place - Dean Koontz. Can someone spoil the ending?

I found myself looking at a 16 hr drive a couple of weeks ago, so I got an audio book to help pass the time. The library was pretty well picked through, but the synopsis of “The Bad Place” looked pretty good, so I got it.

Well, for some reason I didn’t make it through the last CD on the trip and had to return the book before I could finish it. So, could someone tell me how it ends?

Where I had finished, Frank was in the library and pretty much unresponsive. They were going to take him to Candy or the girl (whose name I can’t seem to recall) was going to die.

It sounded like they had a grand scheme to save the day, but I never got to find out what it was.

So, anyone read this book? Can you tell me how it ends?


They go through some things, they learn from the experience, and are the better for it. Oh, and the guy and girl end up together, and they have a golden retriever, that may or may not be as intelligent as a person.


Sorry. I’ve read a TON of his books, and while I generally enjoy them, I’ve noticed a pattern. . . but even though I’ve also read this book, I can’t remember the characters, or how it wraps up, or I’d help you out. Oh well. At least this will serve as a bump for you.

Now you got ME wondering how it ended.

Wow, it has been a long time, let me see if I actually remember.

The good brother grabs Candy and starts to teleport him wildly until Candy meshes with those bugs that pooed gems and they both die. The sisters get their heads crushed and are eaten by their cats. The special needs brother dies. The heroic couple heal and move on.

It will be funny to see how close I came - it’s been at least 10 years since I read this book!

…and at some point, someone will stand under a sodium vapor lamp.

Sorry brewha – I’m in the same boat as Face Intentionally Left Blank. I’ve read a metric ton of Koontz, but the specifics of this one elude me.

been quite a while since i read “The Bad Place”, so this is the ultra-ultra-condensed Readers’ Digest summary:

the “ultimate solution” is for the one brother (was that Frank?) who can teleport (to the limited set sites in rotation) sacrifice himself and save everyone by grabbing his psychotic semi-sibling (Candy, i guess) and doing rapid-fire teleports to all sites, over and over, until he’s overstressed himself so much that he and Candy have merged into each other. Candy is thus immobilized/neutralized, and the merged being either dies on its own or is killed by the husband/wife detective team. (her “special” brother did give them a last message about the afterlife when Candy killed him.)

and since they were left one of the large red diamonds by Frank from the alien mining site, they cashed in and lived happily ever after.

the end.
(and formula be damned, i LIKE Dean Koontz!)

Oh yeah “there is a light that loves you.”

I’m not sure how I can remember stuff like this and not where I park my car sometimes!

Ooops. I nearly forgot about this thread. Thanks for the ending! I can once again sleep at night!

Can I get a little elaboration though? How exactly do the sisters’ heads get crushed?

The rest of it is pretty much what I expected.